Destiny 2 The Dawning: Where to Pick Up Your Gift

Destiny 2 The Dawning

It’s that time of year for Destiny 2 players, as the official winter event has finally begun. Dubbed “The Dawning,” users will be offered a plethora of different activities and items to collect during this special holiday. While a lot of the loot is tied to specific engrams or missions, players can start obtaining gifts right from the beginning. When you load up Destiny 2, a new Milestone will be added that tells Guardians to go pick up a gift. However, when you load up the tower there is no specific area labeled as to where to obtain this item.

To obtain your free gift, spawn in The Tower and run over to Ikora Rey on the right. She will be surrounded by presents, but only one of them will be glowing with a bright light. Walk up to the left side of this box and hold down the Interact button.

This will unlock the gift and give you a special item called the “Dawning’s Gift Schematic” Unlike schematics in the original Destiny, players will need to actually complete some objectives before this item unlocks.

Keep in mind the objectives for these gifts will differ based on which schematic you obtain. Everyone is assigned one randomly, so what your tasks might be will differ. These can range from slaying a few Wizards to putting down an entire army of Thrall to completing your schematic. The area or activity you kill these enemies in does not matter, so try to pick good farming spots where these foes regularly spawn. You’ll also need to collect planetary materials, but they will only count if they’re the green (Uncommon) rarity items. If you get both a Rare and Uncommon material at the same time, only the Uncommon will fount towards your progress.

Here are some tips on how to complete the Banshee schematic:

The first step will ask players to kill 30 Vex Hobgoblins and collect 10 individual Datalattice on Nessus. Completing this is fairly easy since the Vex heavily populate this planet and there are two major Vex Public Events that are great for farming. We recommend sticking to Watcher’s Grave, Artifact’s Edge, The Hallows, and Exodus Black if you want to farm Hobgoblins. However, the latter is only a good place if it’s a Vex Public Event. Additionally, this quest only accepts common rarity Datalattice, so if you get any Quantized Datalattice it will not count towards your ten.

Finding Datalattice is fairly easily since they are large glowing rectangles, just make sure to search an area completely before moving on to the next section. Keep in mind there are floating caches of snowballs all over Nessus that can be mistaken for Datalattice. Anything with snow falling is not going to be Datalattice so you can completely ignore it. After you obtain the needed components an item called a Bullet Locket will spawn in your inventory. Go to The Tower and speak with Banshee-44 to pick up the Jasper Dawn Shell and some lovely Shaders.

While the free rewards are nice, don’t expect a new gun or piece of armor to drop at the end of this mini-quest. We recommend focusing on beating the Spreading Holiday Cheer Milestone since that has multiple steps and offers up holiday rewards. Since you can’t earn any of the Eververse engrams by leveling up, focusing on this Milestone will be the best way to obtain all the new cosmetic loot.

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Arlen Bales

My first task was to Defeat 20 minotaur’s and collect 3 rare dusk shards.


Actually the gift tasks vary. The first one isn’t always the one in the article. Mine was different and my partners was different from mine and the article one. Just and FYI :)