Overwatch: Every Winter Wonderland 2017 Event Skin

Overwatch Winston

The newest event for Blizzard’s hit FPS title Overwatch is here and it’s bringing with it a ton of holiday cheer. Dubbed the Winter Wonderland event, players can expect a plethora of new cosmetic items and additional arcade related game modes to play. Like other seasonal events, users can purchase skins from both the 2017 and 2016 event. If you want some of the outfits from last year, such as the Torbjorn Santa costume, Roadhog reindeer, or Tracer elf then you will just have to pay the normal costs of Legendary items.

However, for any item new you’ll have to either unlock them via loot boxes or by shelling out a lot of coins. Keep in mind, these prices are inflated so Legendary skins will cost you 3,000 gold coins and anything that’s Epic will be 750 coins. We recommend holding off on all purchases until the last day of the event. While Blizzard has reduced the number of duplicate items that you receive, it’s still not a guarantee. The last thing you want is to buy a new skin and then get it in a loot box a few matches later.

Here are all of the new Overwatch Winter Wonderland event skins:

Ana – Snow Owl

Overwatch Ana Snow Owl

Bastion – Avalanche

Overwatch Bastion Avalanche

Hanzo – Casual

Overwatch Hanzo Casual

Junkrat  – Beachrat

Overwatch Junkrat Beachrat

Roadhog – Ice Fisherman

Overwatch Roadhog Ice Fisherman

Soldier: 76 – Alpine: 76

Overwatch Soldier 76 Alpine

Sombra – Rime

Overwatch Sombra Rime

Along with these skins, players can also indulge in two different Arcade modes that are available. Returning from last year, Mei’s Snowball Offensive pits two teams of Meis in an all out, one hit kill battle. However, instead of being able to freeze and hurl icicles, players need to go around the map collecting snowballs to shoot at one another. Things get even more complicated with the addition of Ice Walls and Ice Blocks. Players will be able to experience this game mode on both the Ecopoint Antarctica and Black Forest maps. Both of which will be visually changed to fit with the Chrismas and winter aesthetic of this event.

The second Overwatch winter event is Mei’s Yeti Hunt, which is described as a “boss battle” type of game mode. Players are broken up into two teams, with one side sporting 5 Meis that have access to their normal weapons and abilities. In contrast, the other team allows users to take control of the Yeti (Winston) who will start out relatively weak at first. This changes, however, once the Winston players acquire enough power-up items from around the map. Doing so will trigger his Primal Rage and allow the Winston to chase and kill the Meis.

This match ends with either the Meis escaping after Winston enters his Primal Rage form, enough Meis dying, or Winston perishing. The only map for this game mode is Nepal and it will be available in the Arcade section of Overwatch. It’s advised that you at least play these Arcade modes one a week so you can nab the Winter event loot boxes.