Sonic Courses: Watch The Completionist, MatPat, Tackle A ‘Real-Life’ Green Hill Zone

Tempest Academy Sonic

What happens when famous YouTubers The Competionist, MatPat, and Syndicate walk into a Sonic The Hedgehog Inspired Wonderland? Something resembling a silly, wonderful, gaming-focused version of Ninja Warrior.

As part of the promotion for Sonic Forces (available on Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and PC), Tempest Academy Parkour Gym in California created a Green-Hill Zone themed obstacle course. To preview the new attraction, SEGA invited the above YouTubers to check it out and see if they had the need for speed. The results were…well…See for yourself:

The Tempest Academy describes themselves as ‘a community of adventure seekers and adrenaline chasers who believe in achieving trü freedom thrü movement. With a thoughtfully-designed curriculum based on the basics of parkour, we teach you all you need to know to become a great freerunner.’ The course features a zip-line, jumps into foam pits, a…strange moment involving the competitors diving through golden ‘rings’ (Hula Hoops), and several moments of ironic triumph and hilarious defeat.

The video highlighting the promotion is glossy, silly, and edited like you’d expect it to be; with an added bonus of Sonic-specific sound-effects for various wipe-outs, fails, and successes- and game specific music underpinning the whole thing. A particular highlight is the Ninja Warrior-style ‘Warped Wall’.

The Tempest Academy is no stranger to gaming-related content, garnering positive notices with a Super Mario course that debuted in 2011 to positive reaction. The Sonic the Hedgehog inspired course will be available to the public until February 24th.

Of particular note for Completionist / Beard Bros / Jirard Khalil fans, is seeing his “#BuffBois” mantra pay off. Being open with his struggle with weigh gain / loss, it’s cool to see the man be spry enough to actively participate in physically demanding activity – which has inspired many in the past:

As for Sonic Forces – the entire reason for this cross-promotional endeavor – reviews have been generally meh. Coming on the heels of the excellent, nostalgic, and flat-out quality Sonic Mania, it’ll be interesting to see how SEGA handles the franchise going forward. Is a return to 2D, and a lower price point – a better strategy for everyone’s favorite sneaker-wearing rodent? Time will tell.

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