Here’s 3 HQ Trivia Alternatives (That Let You Win Real Money!)

HQ Trivia Alternatives

Play trivia, win cash. It’s a concept as old as…well, people. Answering questions and being knowledable for fun and profit is a fundamentally human pastime, from game shows to board games to bar quizzes. In the mobile gaming realm, a few games have cropped up hoping to deliver a fun trivia experience – Trivia Crack, You Don’t Know Jack, etc.

However, the thrill of trivia is winning something – and in that regard, the current king of online trivia is HQ Trivia. HQ Trivia is a live twice-a-day gameshow where hundreds of thousands of players sign in and try to answer a series of questions for a cash prize. At the end of the 12 question spree, anyone left standing wins their share of the prize pool -typically 1500-2000 dollars.

However, HQ Trivia has its problems. It’s only ‘on’ twice a day, can be glitchy, and ruined the New Year for a bunch of people on the East Coast. Thus, it’s possible you’re looking for alternatives.

And thankfully, there are a few. Submitted for your approval are three other ways you can answer questions and win money, on mobile platforms.

1. Fleet Wit

The thing about ‘real money’ anything is that you have to be very careful to avoid being perceived as gambling, which is illegal online. As a result lots of platforms will offer ‘real prizes’ while couching their games in legally gray terms. Fleet Wit is one such platform. Fleet Wit challenges players to “Race LIVE against other FleetWit players and compete for cash prizes using both your intelligence and speed. Redeem prizes within 30 minutes of winning. FleetWit is like a game show at your fingertips”.

The system here is cool – there’s various games you can play from trivia to cross words. You ‘buy in’ for a certain amount of dollars, then use the the points from those dollars to win games, and then turn those points in gift cards. The developers were kind enough to provide me with a few dollars worth of credit, and I came out of the thing with a 10 dollar iTunes gift card. There are some geographical concerns, so be sure to check into what states allow you to deposit.

While the ‘buy-in’ aspect is a downside, so far the competition has been…poor, meaning you’re likely to win some dough if you’re the kind of astute mind interested in playing trivia for real money in the first place. Check it out on iOS here.

2. The Q

HQ Trivia…featuring not Jonah Hill

The Q is to HQ Trivia as Lyft is to Uber. Both are doing similar things similar ways. One is much bigger than the other. As a result, the smaller one takes more risks, and has more ‘personality’ than the other. In the case of ‘The Q’, they are Lyft. Weird and hip and edgy, hoping to score some frustrated HQ Trivia users by way of their more casual flare, different start times, and themed trivia nights – most recently a Star Wars themed quiz. If you want more of what HQ Trivia is putting down, you should give ‘The Q’ a try.

The prizes are smaller and the presentation a little more janky than HQ, but any competition is good for HQ Trivia, and just like HQ Trivia, the price is right – meaning it’s entirely free to try. As an aside, you can be paid in Bitcoin, if you’re so inclined.

If you’re looking, literally, for an HQ Trivia alternative because you can’t get enough, ‘The Q’ is for you…my dude.

I did not mean for that to rhyme.

Download it on iOS here.

3. Quezztion Real Money Trivia

Quezztion Real Money Trivia

Skills! Sorry, Skillz! Is a mobile eSports platform that lets you turn your simple competitive mobile game into a simple competitive mobile game you can play for real money – there are ‘Skillz!’ versions of bowling, pool, darts, and of course, Trivia.

The name of the game is Quezztion Real Money Trivia, and it is sleek and arguably the most polished and easy to understand and use of these three options. Like Fleet Wit, Quezztion Real Money Trivia requires a ‘buy-in’, which you then use to enter tournaments. You win, you get money, you can then cash out that money or trade it in for fabulous prizes.

The only caveats here have to do with player base, which is sometimes low, and geography. Some states ban Skillz!-based games as they’re considered gambling, although they’re technically a game of skill.

That said, if you’re looking for a quality trivia adventure that’s straight forward, sleek, and a lot of fun, Quezztion Real Money Trivia is a worthy opportunity for the analytically minded.

Download it on iOS here.

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