Monster Hunter World: How to Craft and Upgrade Armor

Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter World is full of dangerous creatures that want to slash, bite, and tear apart anyone in their path. This can make hunting them quite fatal, especially if you do not have the right armor pieces to give you an advantage. In order to actually start crafting armor, you will need to finish the prologue and the opening mission to unlock access to the Workshop. However, you really won’t be able to start crafting new armor until a little bit later once you get a few quests under your belt.

Crafting Armor

There are various armor sets in Monster Hunter World, many of which are tied to specific creatures that you’ll need to hunt for parts. Most of these will be larger class monsters like Kestodons or Kulu, so these are the beings you’ll want to farm. Once you discover or kill a specific monster it will unlock parts of the set. Each piece will require different parts of the beast along with a certain Bone types that will vary in rarity.

You can see what items are required to forge a specific piece by going to the Workshop and flicking the Forge Equipment tab. From here, select the Armor section and then scroll down to the specific set you want to construct from. This will show you not only what is needed to craft it, but the various stat buffs and debuffs it will give users who wear it. You’re never bound to a certain set, so smart hunters can mix and match different armor pieces. Once you have all the needed materials simply scroll over the item and hit Confirm to craft it. A little cutscene will play and your shiny new piece of armor will be presented before you.

As you play through Monster Hunter World more items will unlock so make sure to keep checking back at the Workshop for new items.

Upgrading Armor

Looking to give your armor some extra protection before venturing out into the wild? In order to upgrade your armor simply go back to the Workshop and select the Upgrade Equipment tab. Once this is selected a grid will open that shows you all of the weapons and pieces of armor you own. Any piece you currently have equipped will be marked with a green E and you can also sort your collection by pressing in the right thumbstick.

In order to upgrade Armor, you will need money and a special item called Armor Spheres. The former can be earned by selling items or completing virtually every activity in Monster Hunter World. As for Armor Spheres, these are earned by completing almost any type of Bounty. These are unlocked after you are given the chance to go out on an Exhibition. Bounties have a wide variety of parameters such as killing large monsters, collecting specific types of fauna or capturing certain animals. Once completed you can turn them in at the Resource Center which is by the main entrance to Astera.

After you’ve obtained the needed items simply go up to the Workshop and select the Upgrade Equipment. You can then dump in the needed materials to increase the level of a specific piece of armor. We recommended always taking bounties so you can consistently obtain Armor Spheres to upgrade.

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