Overwatch League: Shanghai Dragons vs Los Angeles Gladiators Recap

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Blizzard Overwatch League starts preseason action Wednesday night.

The second match of the night is Shanghai Dragons vs Los Angeles Gladiators. Shanghai underperformed during the preseason and many predicted the LA Gladiators as the clear winners for this match. Tonight the maps are Dorado, Temple of Anubis, Ilios, and Eichenwalde, so expect a lot of dive and potentially Widowmakers in this match. Keep an eye out for Surefour on the Gladiators as we expect him to make a lot of the big plays during this game. The Dragons have a lot to prove during this match and it will be interesting to see how they perform.

We are going to consistently update this post as the match continues so you don’t miss a single thing.

Game One – Dorado

Overwatch Dorado

Round One

This round opened up with Gladiators on defense and they decided to run an interesting DPS defense of Doomfist and Widowmaker. Shanghai decided to go a traditional dive composition with the exception of Undead on the Widowmaker. As soon as Shanghai pushed into the chokepoint the Gladiators swarmed them from all sides. The entire first team fight was extremely scrappy, but it ended with the Gladiators surviving thanks to Shaz’s Zenyatta and BigG00se’s Mercy.

Shanghai pushed again and was forced back due to a Doomfist ultimate on the side of the Los Angeles Gladiators. Their third attack only had 60 seconds left on the clock, but Surefour went completely uncontested in the back. This lets them force back the third push and left Shanghai with one attack left. Hydration got a big pick with Doomfist, dropping Shanghai’s Mercy which caused their attack to completely collapse. Shanghai never capped the first point and the Gladiators took the first round.

Round Two

The Gladiators were on the attack and decided to run a traditional dive composition with Shangai running the same – with the exception of Undead on Soldier: 76. Shaz’s Zenyatta was the big player in this round, quickly dropping various Shanghai players with little effort. The Dragons were wiped out almost instantaneously and the Gladiators took the first game.

Los Angeles Gladiators – 1, Shanghai Dragons – 0

Game Two – Temple of Anubis

Overwatch Anubis

Round One

The Gladiators started out on defense once again but decided to swap Shaz’s Zenyatta out for an Ana. Shanghai decided to run a Widowmaker along with their dive composition. However, their first push was failed thanks to a strong dive and early kill via the Gladiator’s D.Va. During the second push the Dragons lost their Widowmaker early, but they managed to secure the point thanks to some strong tank plays by MG and Roshan. Capturing the first point, Shanghai’s Undead swapped to Reaper and Gladiator’s Shaz moved back to the Zenyatta.

Reaper wasn’t enough to secure the second point and the Dragons were forced back. What’s worst is Shanghai used four ultimates and were drastically behind in their ult economy against the Gladiators. Los Angeles decided to bring out Junkrat to really lay on the damage forcing back another attack by Shangai. This Junkrat proved extremely useful as he managed to deliver a lot of indirect damage. On the four attack Shangai’s Transcendence was forced out early and despite having 5 ultimates they were unable to secure the point from the Gladiators.

A lot of this was thanks to Shaz who absolutely dominated on Zenyatta, picking off the Tracer and Mercy. Refusing to switch off the Reaper, the Dragons had one last push and were attacked before they could even make it to the point. This was a risky attack and Shanghai was able to make it to the point. Sadly this wasn’t enough and the Gladiators held the second point from the Dragons.

Round Two

Shangai, now on defense, decided to run the Orisa / Widowmaker high ground which let them pick off Shaz early on. The Gladiators then regrouped and dove onto the high ground where all of Shanghai was located. Los Angeles absolutely annihilated Shanghai and took the first point with almost no effort. A lot of this was thanks to how much damage the Gladiators were able to output in one burst. Quickly moving to the second point, the Gladiators’ Genji took out the Dragons’ Mercy with a Dragonblade. This allowed them to secure the point and take game two against Shanghai.

Los Angeles Gladiators – 2, Shanghai Dragons – 0

Game Three – Ilios

Overwatch Ilios

Round One

The first map was on Well and both teams decided to run the Pharah / Mercy combo. However, the big surprise was Shanghai bringing out the Moira who was quickly killed by D.Va early on. Hydration sniped Undead out of the sky, which pretty much secured the point for the Gladiators. Shanghai’s second push was unsuccessful thanks to Bischu’s D.Va who isolated key players on the Dragons. To counter Pharah, a McCree was brought out on the side of Shanghai. This didn’t do much thanks to Hydration’s smart positioning of his flying DPS hero. However, Shanghai managed to flip the point when the Gladiators hit 99%.

The next push was a scrappy fight, but the Dragons’ DPS finally found their footing. Both Undead and Diya did a great job of focusing Gladiators who were lagging behind. A long fight then began that saw Shanghai get to 99% as well and force the Gladiators into Overtime. BigG00se’s Lucio booped the Dragon’s Zenyatta into the well while he was using Transcendence. and then dropped the Sound Barrier. This offered nice sustainability for the team and gave the L.A. team enough time to recover. Thanks to a Mercy ultimate the Gladiators secured the first round.

Round Two

Ruins was the second point and Shanghai’s Widowmaker helped assert a dominate capture of the point. Now in control, Shanghai held the capture point for a little more than half percent as the Gladiator’s second attack was more successful. L.A. wisely stayed out of the Widowmaker’s sightlines and it actually was a Mercy that killed Shanghai’s sniper. With control of the point, the Gladiators decided to fight at point-blank range with the Dragons. This helped them disrupt the Dragons and pushed them back once again, letting them gain 99%. On the last attack, Hydration used Dragon blade to cut through three members of the Shanghai Dragons. The Gladiators secured the round and claimed Ilios as a win for them.

Los Angeles Gladiators – 3, Shanghai Dragons – 0

Game Four – Eichenwalde

Overwatch Eichenwalde

Round One

The Gladiators were on defense first and decided to run to a Pharah, while Shanghai picked a quad tank set up. Despite the high health pool of the team, Surefour’s Pharah was able to shut down all of the tanks and get his ultimate on the first push. Shanghai completely reset four members of their team to deal with the Pharah. Shanghai’s second push wasn’t any better as the Gladiators completely shut them down. However, Surefour got cocky and Shanghai’s McCree managed to kill him before they decided to attack.

Thankfully, the Gladiators didn’t need the Pharah and were able to hold the point in a 5v6 battle. The Dragons appeared completely disoriented thanks to the fantastic DPS players on Los Angeles. On the final push, it looked like the Dragons were going to take the point. Starting off strong they managed to take out the L.A. Winston, but it wasn’t enough. The Gladiators managed to hold Eichenwalde’s first point.

Round Two

Now on the attack, the Gladiators only needed to capture the first control point to secure the game. Running the Pharah once again, Shanghai decided to counter with Undead on the Soldier: 76 and a Pharah of their own. Pushing to the point, Surefour blew the Shanghai Dragon’s Pharah out of the sky and was subsequently picked off by the Soldier: 76. The Dragons’ MG did a great job killing three players as “Baby D.Va” and helped them hold the first push.

The second push for Gladiators went better as they killed the Soldier early only forcing out Shanghai’s Mercy ultimate early on. This was the opening that the Gladiator’s needed and they dove in killing all the remaining members of Shanghai. After a quick fight, the L.A. team secured the point and won the map.

Winner: Los Angeles Gladiators – 4

Shanghai Dragons  – 0