Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Review: A Golden Triumph

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition – Launch TrailerStreet Fighter V: Arcade Edition is a massive update loaded with free content for all SFV players! Simply download the update to receive Arcade Mode, Team Battle Mode, Extra Battle Mode and a completely redesigned user interface! The update also includes balance changes and a second V-Trigger for all 28 characters, further expanding the combat…2018-01-16T20:07:12.000Z
  1. Game: Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition
  2. Platforms: PS4 (reviewed), PC
  3. Publisher: Capcom
  4. Developers: Capcom, Dimps

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It was sad to see the state that Street Fighter V initially launched in. A minuscule roster, all too brief story mode playthroughs, and the lack of anything meaningful besides online modes put Capcom’s fighter in a bad spot. But kudos to the devs behind this ever evolving fighter. Since its release, the roster has grown exponentially, a cinematic story mode has been added, balance adjustments have been patched in, and plenty of other cool costumes and stages have become available. Now that we’ve entered the third season of SFV, a major update has been implemented. With a bevy of additional content and a refreshing new look in tow, this Arcade Edition update has managed to make SFV realize its full potential.

For those of you who have kept SFV at a distance, now’s the time to give it the chance it deserves. Arcade Edition has gone out of its way to make the game even more impressive looking in the visuals department. That new look is easily noticeable as soon as the game showcases a new opening cutscene, a flashy log-in logo screen, and a flashy new UI. The golden sheen that the menus sport breathes new life into the entire experience along with the updated character select screen. Longtime fans will have plenty of nostalgia feels thanks to all the new remixes of old tunes from past Street Fighter entries. The Arcade Mode plays host to most of those songs, plus it finally provides a worthy single-player component for fight fans who want to do something worthwhile offline. What makes this version of Street Fighter’s Arcade Mode structure so cool is its nod to past games in the series, its secret boss encounters, and its collection of unlockable endings and illustrations.

SFV Arcade Edition


Then there’s the Extra Battle mode, which gives everyone the chance to compete for special costumes dedicated to Capcom’s treasure trove of iconic characters. The opening challenges of Shin Akuma and a Rashid decked out in Viewtiful Joe duds require an insane entry fee. But there’s a pretty good sense of satisfaction derived from beating them, which gives me hope that the next batch of Extra Battles are just as interesting. What’s most important about a fighting game update though is how it changes up the gameplay itself. There’s the expected list of character balances in play here, but there’s also the presence of a second V-Trigger for every character. This mechanic becomes even more fun to master now that some of these new V-Trigger’s bring back old moves and implement new ones. It’ll be interesting to see just how different pro players will play with their legacy characters now that these new maneuvers are available.

SFV Arcade Edition


Arcade Mode marks the debut of Season 3’s incoming cast. Sakura’s comeback is a welcome one and allowing her to smash rivals’ heads in at Kasugano Residence is a nice throwback. What hurts though is knowing that the rest of Season 3 isn’t readily playable. While I already know that Capcom made it clear that Cody, G, Blanka, Sagat, and Falke wouldn’t arrive at launch, it still doesn’t lessen my disappointment. It would have been nice to have the entirety of S3’s roster lineup ready at launch. I’m sure most of you will feel that same feeling of disappointment when you see all those cool new characters in the opening and not be able to play with any of them immediately.

Bottom Line

SFV Arcade Edition


Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition needs a hearty round of applause. If you’ve stayed away from the game up until now, take this opportunity to finally dedicate some time to it. For those of you who stayed with the game since its launch, you now have something new to celebrate. The roster has a nice mix of old standby’s and interesting newcomers thanks to the previous two DLC Seasons. Plus there’s more to do in an offline setting due to the inclusion of Arcade Mode and Extra Battle challenges. The new V-Trigger’s positively impacts the tight-knit experience and having Sakura start S3 is a cool gift. It would have been a treat to have all of S3’s characters ready to go on launch day, but I’m still pleased with the upgraded content Arcade Edition has placed within Street Fighter V.

Score: 9/10


  • The batch of new V-Trigger’s positively impacts the combo potential
  • Arcade Mode is actually a thing. About time!
  • The extra new modes helps make this fighter feel feature-rich


  • Not having access to the entirety of Season 3’s characters at launch is disappointing

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