Kingdom Come Deliverance: How to Get Your First Horse

Kingdom Come Horse

Kingdom Come Deliverance is a very large game and traversing this world can be quite perilous. While you can both travel by foot or Fast Travel to most locations, sometimes it helps to have a horse. This is the most common mode of transportation in this game and can serve as a great way to explore uncharted areas. Horses are also useful for quick escapes if a fight isn’t in your favor or for simple hit and run tactics against less mobile foes. Because of this, you will want to get a horse as early as you can, but sadly it will take some time before you obtain one of your very own.

Warning: Minor spoilers below!

Your first encounter with a horse is during the Prologue where you have to escape your town that’s under siege. This will give you a brief introduction to controlling a horse and what it feels like to ride on one. However, once this section is over you will not be able to ride a horse again until you are tasked with fleeing back to your village. Henry can steal a horse here, but once again this will be taken away from you after this mission is finished. After this portion of the game is finished continue along until you finish your hunting expedition quest.

When you return a new mission will start that has Henry leave with a group of knights to investigate bandits that have ransacked a local village. Sir Radzig will reward you for your loyalty and decide to give the player a horse of their very own. This will be your first mount and can be used anytime during or after you complete this mission. Horses, thankfully, don’t require any additional care or attention so don’t worry about purchasing food or finding shelter for them.

In fact, Kingdom Come Deliverance has taken a page from other RPGs like The Witcher 3 and lets you summon your horse almost anywhere. This is done by pressing Y (Xbox One) / Triangle (PS4) which causes Henry to whistle. Doing so will instantly summon your horse near you or if you’re close it will call them to your position if they are close enough. If you are venturing out to a new location we recommend using a horse over fast traveling. Since there are a lot of side activities, loot, and chance events you can stumble across it’s important to interact with the world as much as possible.

Remember, you can also fight enemies while on horseback, but this isn’t always ideal. Some weapons counter mounted combatants, so if you see them holding a spear don’t go charging in. Instead, we recommend engaging foes mainly on foot since this is a more consistent way to kill your foes. If you are in a losing fight there’s no shame in running to your horse and riding off, especially if you’re bleeding. Sometimes it’s better to escape with your life than stand your ground and get cut in half.

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