Fire Emblem Heroes Grand Conquest: All You Need to Know

fire emblem heroes grand conquest

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Fire Emblem Heroes is getting a brand new mode called Grand Conquest.

The mode was announced during the latest Feh Channel update. The mode randomly places players in one of three armies as they battle it out to control the most territory.

The map is divided into 30 areas with each army starting out with 10. The mode uses its own stamina meter with players getting one stamina per hour and holding up to eight at a time.

Areas are conquered by spending a stamina point and then playing through a Rival Domains-style battle. Units can destroy enemy camps to convert them to their side, which grants warp points between camps and also heals the unit inside the camp every turn. The battle is won after either an army’s fortress is destroyed or 10 turns pass, whichever comes first.

After the battle, the player earns points based on the number of enemy units defeated, camps held, fortress health, and enemy fortress damage. You can also earn a score bonus based on the number of allies fighting in the map. The enemy army can also earn points to defend the territory. The army that earns the most points by the time of the tally every two hours takes the territory. As you earn points, your GC Tier grows which adds bonus points to neighboring territories after battle and grants you bonus orbs, stamina, and more.

The first Grand Conquest event starts at 12:00 a.m. PT / 3:00 a.m. ET on April 13 and lasts until April 18 at 11:59 p.m. PT / 2:59 p.m. PT. The developers will make some changes to the event based on player feedback. Players will get 20 orbs by logging in between April 13 and May 9 to commemorate the event.

The Feh Channel update also announced five new heroes coming to the game. Finn, Leif, and Nanna are brand new heroes from Fire Emblem Thracia 776. Leif’s Light Brand weapon deals plus seven damage to any unit with a defense that is five points higher than their resistance. Nanna’s Restore+ removes negative status effects. Finn will be a reward in the next Tempest Trials event. Reinhardt and Olwen are getting new variant units with Reinhardt wielding a sword and Olwen holding a green tome weapon. The summoning event for Leif, Nanna, Reinhardt, and Olwen begins April 11.

With the coming update, Lilina is getting a new weapon known as the Forblaze which inflicts minus seven resistance on the enemy unit with the highest resistance of that turn. Fir and Karel are getting the Nameless Blade which accelerates the special trigger cooldown by one. The weapons can be upgraded via weapon refinery.

Speaking of which, Roy’s Binding Blade can be upgraded via weapon refinery to be effective against dragons and make a guaranteed follow-up attack if attacked at 50 percent HP and above. Lloyd’s Regal Blade can be upgraded to give him attack, speed, defense, and resistance plus three if within two spaces of an infantry magic-using ally. Ephraim’s Siegmund weapon can be upgraded to the Flame Siegmund weapon of his Legendary Hero counterpart while Hector can upgrade his Armads to the Berserk Armads from his Valentine’s Day event variant.

Tempest Trials will be updated to Tempest Trials+. A number of changes will come to the event including automatically recommending difficulty levels, boosting all allies during the first two battles of the day, doubleing EXP & SP during the first two battles of the day, giving all bonus allies a score boost of 40 percent instead of dividing them between 20 percent and 40 percent, reducing stamina cost, reducing the duration of the event from 14 to 10 days, and lowering the total score needed for rewards to match Tempest Trials Mini. The next Tempest Trials+ will begin on April 21.

A number of heroes are having their rarities changed from four and five stars to three and four stars, making them easier to acquire.

A new Grand Hero Battle is coming with players fighting Saias, the Bishop of Flame on April 17. A second daily Grand Hero Battle Revival rotation will appear on April 11, letting you fight two different Grand Heroes every day. All Grand Hero Battles will require zero stamina to play. In addition, Camus will get an Infernal mode battle.

A special offer will appear for orbs in April for eight days which lets you nab 21 Orbs and 6,000 Feathers for $9.99.

The update will also add new home screen banners, improve the Friend List, increase friend cap to 100, and increase the Hero Merit cap to 5,000.

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