World of Demons: Release Date & Everything You Need to Know

world of demons

Developers PlatinumGames and DeNA have announced a new game they are working on, World of Demons. Surprisingly, World of Demons is for the iOS and Android, making it the first mobile game for PlatinumGames, hence DeNA helping them out.

For those that may not know, PlatinumGames is known for their work on Nier: Automata, the Bayonetta franchise, and the unfortunately canceled Scalebound.

It’s important to note that just before PlatinumGames was established, the founders (Shinji Mikami, Atsushi Inaba, and Hideki Kamiya) worked for Capcom under Clover Studio. These three men were responsible for some of Capcom’s most successful franchises, like Okami, Resident Evil, and Devil May Cry.

When the founders created PlatinumGames, they took with them a great deal of the folks they worked with under Capcom. This includes Masami Ueda, composer for the early Resident Evil games, and Mari Shimazaki, Okami’s artist. As such, it is very easy to see that World of Demons was made in the same vein as Shimazaki’s art in Okami.

But is World of Demons just a cheap ploy for the mobile market using a piece of the Okami pie? Is World of Demons different enough to stand on its own?

Find out below with our World of Demons: Release Date & Everything You Need to Know.

World of Demons Release Date

World of Demons will be coming out sometime this summer and as with all mobile games, on the iOS first and later to Android devices. There is no exact date, but we should be seeing the game appear the App Store soon.

World of Demons Latest News

World of Demons -Announcement TrailerWorld of Demons is the result of a 3+ year partnership between DeNA and PlatinumGames, the goal of which has been simple: to bring the sort of speedy, responsive, crisp action that PlatinumGames is known for to touch devices in a way that’s never been done before. World of Demons Supported Platforms: iOS, Android (coming…2018-04-19T01:09:53.000Z

According to PlatinumGames, the studio wanted to bring the hack n’ slash genre to mobile in a concise and smooth way. Looking to the studio’s history with Bayonetta and Devil May Cry, DeNA producer and product manager Andrew Szymanski stated that World of Demons would not make any compromises or dumb down the controls because of the new mobile platform; World of Demons would have the same smooth and exciting combat as the aforementioned games.

Szymanski also mentions that World of Demons has been in the works of over 3 years with PlatinumGames. They really wanted to get this right and make sure that World of Demons was just as responsive and dynamic as Platinum’s other titles.

As to what that gameplay really looks like, check out the sections below.

World of Demons Gameplay

All of the information about World of Demons gameplay, story, and characters, can be found at the game’s website here. However, as new details are announced, the appropriate sections will be updated accordingly.

Dramatic Samurai Action

You can play the part of any Samurai you choose, World of Demons will provide you a wide selection. With your Samurai you will “perform sword slashes, dodges, parries, and finishing moves.” If you are in need of a little support, Yokai Minions can be called upon to provide elemental buffs, attack spells, and other support techniques.


World of Demons: Release Date & Everything You Need to Know

Each combat encounter takes you to a full 360-degree battlefield and it is paramount to keep all enemies in front of you. In addition, not all enemies are weak to the same attacks. You must use fire against wind, wind against water, and water against fire. This requires a lot of switching attacks on the fly, there’s no time to pause. If you need help, each of your Yokai have a meter that needs to be full before you can use them.

Speaking of time, each battle is timed. If you don’t defeat all of the Oni when the timer ends, you lose the match. If your dying too much, it means you need to go back and grind for upgrades and skills to you, your weapon, and your Yokai. World of Demons, according to lead designer and co-director Kento Koyama, is supposed to have a steep difficulty curve – they don’t want you winning every match right out of the gate.


The combat controls sound easy: in order to attack and continue attack, just tap and hold. All other controls, like dodging, switching targets, using your Yokai, and summoning other players, are executed via quick swipes and taps. That said, combat won’t just be about keeping a finger on your device, you’ll need to know when to stop attacking and when to defend instead. As such, you won’t be executing a combination of different controls for special moves or the like.

Innovative Game Play Modes

World of Demons boasts a variety of game modes, including Skirmish story mode (where you defeat a variety of Oni masters and save the world), Yokai Showdown (competitive arena mode where you can take one Yokai Minion with you), and Samurai Stronghold move (team up with other players to take on the strongest bosses of the game). All of these modes offer skill upgrades and compelling rewards that really make it worth your while.

Diverse Upgrades and Customization

Speaking of upgrades, World of Demons will present a challenge for all players with “deep upgrades and customization” capabilities for each Samurai available to play and their weapons. The kind of skills you obtain are increased health, better offense, additional sword skills, and character-specific moves and evasions. The latter are produced via forging new weapons for certain characters and using them against enemies.

As to the Yokai Minions, you will be able to upgrade these guys as well. All of them will boost your core stats during battles, in addition to each Yokai’s special ability. Upgrading the Yokai will benefit you in many ways, like increasing the potency of their special powers. During a battle, this translates to greater attacks, more support options, and unlocking special affinities.

World of Demons Story

World of Demons: Release Date & Everything You Need to Know

The story of World of Demons is very much in the title. Oni (ogres and demons) have taken over the human world and are slowly corrupting the normally amenable Yokai (supernatural beings). These corrupted Yokai have taken to attacking humans as well and it’s up to the brave Samurai to remove the Oni threat.

World of Demons Characters

Thus far, four characters have been revealed for World of Demons: Onimaru, Sayo, Ibaraki Doji, and Kuma Doji. Onimaru was kidnapped by the Oni after they killed his parents and subsequently raised to be an Oni servant. Onimaru did not take kindly to this series of events and the moment he was old enough, took a vow of revenge. It is his mission to rid the human world of all Oni for what they did to him and his parents.

Sayo is “a shrine-maiden dedicated to protecting her family’s ancestral shrine.” One day her mother is kidnapped by Oni and Sayo immediately sets out to find her. It is not long before Sayo meets Onimaru and makes the prudent decision to join him. Sayo figures that following Onimaru “is her best chance to find clues to her mother’s whereabouts.”

Ibaraki Doji is “Shuten Doji’s lover and most trusted lieutenant.” Shuten is an as yet unknown character. Ibaraki wears a mask, rarely showing the beauty beneath and hinting at a mysterious quality to her past. According to her character description, she has a secret connection to the Samurai who fight so hard against the Oni. It seems she will be both a helping hand and formidable foe for the player.

Kuma Doji is one of the Seven Demonlords, an unknown group at the moment. Kuma hates humans and Yokai about as much as Onimaru hates Oni, finding both to be inferior. However, Kuma values strength above all else and enjoys a good fight. He might even change his mind about particularly skilled opponents. Though he has “no moral compass to speak of” so players shouldn’t expect much help from him.

World of Demons Microtransactions

World of Demons: Release Date & Everything You Need to Know

Microtransactions in World of Demons are relegated to skill upgrades without all the gameplay work. This is the model for most video games, so it is good to see it reflected in Platinum’s mobile game as well. As you might already know, mobile microtransactions can get quite nasty and would be very unwelcome in a fast-paced game like World of Demons.

If these conditions change when the game launches, this section will be updated.

World of Demons Update

World of Demons will receive monthly updates, completely free. These will contain new story chapters, along with a variety of other features not yet detailed. At launch, World of Demons will have two story chapters for the single-player campaign. It sounds short, but each chapter has 20 missions (each handing out a new Yokai), so there will be plenty for you to do before the next update comes. In addition, once you’ve upgraded your skills enough, you’ll be able to enter the multiplayer modes for even more and better rewards.

Any future updates will be detailed here as they are announced.

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