Fortnite Adds Dusty Divot in Place of Dusty Depot

Fortnite Dusty Divot

Epic Games

With Season 4 of Fortnite Epic Games decided to add two new locations to the map in Dusty Divot and Risky Reels.

Dusty Divot replaces part of Dusty Depot and replaces it with a giant crater. One and a half structures from the OG Dusty Depot remain but the focus will now be placed on the crater with the base in the middle of it.

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This spot is a hot destination now and will be heavily contested for at least the first couple of days. There actually isn’t a whole lot of loot to be found here but that hasn’t stopped players from checking out the new location.

One of the main attractions of this new location are the Hop Rocks which give players low gravity for a small amount of time. This makes the initial Dusty Divot area really difficult as players are running around, jumping really high in the sky and fighting for the limited ammo and weapons available.

The two towers spawn chests with semi-regularity but the rest of the area is just a crap shoot for loot. There’s everything from traps, to big shields, to mini shields and pretty much anything you can think of.

The moon rocks on the outside of the area can be broken down for metal which effectively makes this new area one of the best places to harvest metal.

If you do manage to be the last team standing, you’re sprung right into late-game. This area, at least on day one, doesn’t feel like the first place you loot and then move on to. It feels like the main fighting goes on at this area and then you fight for survival the rest of the way.

The other new area is Risky Reels and it doesn’t seem like it’ll have extreme popularity. The area is by Tomato Town, where there used to be an open field and houses. The area is nice but it doesn’t have the allure of a giant crater.

A lot of attention has been on Dusty Depot lately once a leaker suggested it would be the target of the meteor. Most of the initial attention was on Tilted Towers but this leak seemed to pick up steam once the superhero skins became known.

Dusty Depot was never an extremely popular portion on the map so it appears Epic Games has done a good job at transforming the area into something popular. Epic is still working hard to bring more attention the north side of the map but it still looks like more work has to be done.

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