Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Release Date & Roster (E3 2018)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – E3 2018 – Nintendo SwitchLegendary game worlds and fighters collide in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. New fighters…check. New stages…check. Every fighter that was ever featured in the series… …check. Prepare yourself for the ultimate showdown. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate arrives December 7, 2018! Follow Nintendo E3 Coverage! #NintendoSwitch #SmashBrosUltimate #E32018 Subscribe for more Nintendo fun! Visit…2018-06-12T16:43:35.000Z

E3 2018 is underway and Nintendo just dropped a bombshell of a reveal!

During the latest Nintendo Direct presentation, producer Masahiro Sakura graced our screens to provide more info on the Super Smash Bros. game coming to Nintendo Switch. The entire roster from the last entry will rejoin the battle alongside several returning characters, such as Solid Snake, Ice Climbers, Young Link, Pichu, and Wolf. What’s even more exciting is the re-inclusion of the DLC characters from the last entry, including Ryu, Cloud, Bayonetta, Roy, Lucas, Mewtwo, and Corrin.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate – All 74 Characters Gameplay + Final SmashesThis video shows gameplay and the final smashes of all 74 playable & unlockable characters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate for Nintendo Switch. The 68 characters of the roster in this game are: Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Samus + Dark Samus, Yoshi, Kirby, Fox, Pikachu, Luigi, Ness, Captain Falcon, Jigglypuff, Peach + Daisy, Bowser, Ice…2018-09-15T21:58:46.000Z

As for newcomers, Ridley from the Metroid series (turns out he’s not too big for the game after all) will join the roster. One of the game’s newer features is the implementation of a term called “Echo Fighter”, a character who looks different from their doppelganger and also has different move properties. Daisy has just been revealed as the Echo fighter for Peach. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been confirmed for release on December 7, 2018.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


A total of 76 characters will be playable this time around. Check out the list posted below to see who’ll be included as a part of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s roster:

– Bayonetta
– Bowser
– Bowser Jr.
– Captain Falcon
– Cloud
– Corrin
– Diddy Kong
– Donkey Kong
– Dr. Mario
– Duck Hunt
– Falco
– Fox
– Ganondorf
– Greninja
– Ice Climbers
– Ike
– Incineroar
– Inkling
– Isabelle
– Jigglypuff
– Joker
– King Dedede
– King K. Rool
– Kirby
– Link
– Little Mac
– Lucario
– Lucas
– Luigi
– Mario
– Marth/Lucina
– Mega Man
– Meta Knight
– Mewtwo
– Mii Brawler
– Mii Gunner
– Mii Swordfighter
– Mr. Game & Watch
– Ness
– Olimar
– Pac-Man
– Palutena
– Peach/Daisy
– Pichu
– Pikachu
– Piranha Plant
– Pit/Dark Pit
– Pokémon Trainer with Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard
– Ridley
– R.O.B.
– Robin
– Rosalina & Luma
– Roy/Chrom
– Ryu/Ken
– Samus/Dark Samus
– Sheik
– Shulk
– Simon Belmont/Richter Belmont
– Snake
– Sonic
– Toon Link
– Villager
– Wario
– Wii Fit Trainer
– Wolf
– Yoshi
– Young Link
– Zelda
– Zero Suit Samus

Daisy Super Smash Bros Ultimate


Here’s just a sampling of the new features explained in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate video breakdown:

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate retains the art style of the last game, but isn’t just a simple port

• Several adjustments have been made to every character’s moveset, taunts, final smashes, or appearance in some fashion. Link’s default costume harkens back to his Breath of the Wild appearance, for example

• Ryu will always face his opponent during 1v1 battles. Speaking of 1v1 battles, damage will be increased

• Samus can finally charge her special shot maneuver while airborne

• Link’s bombs are now remotely detonated

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


• Ganondorf’s repotoire and Smash Attack now incorporates the usage of his sword

• Bewear and Solgaleo are some of the the newest Pokémon who’ll emerge from a Poké Ball during battle

• Marth, Roy, and Lucina’s Dancing Blade special attack comes out much faster, plus the input required to activate it is much simpler. Marth is also being voiced in English

• A female version of the Pokémon Trainer is now playable. Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard have all been reintroduced into that character’s moveset. It appears as if those three Pokémon no longer grow fatigued during battle

• Assist Trophy characters can now be KO’ed for extra points (not all of them can be taken down, however). Bomberman, Burrowing Snagret (Pikmin), Sukapon (Joy Mecha Fight) the Squid Sisters (Splatoon), and Rodin (Bayonetta) have all been confirmed as new Assist Trophies. New usable items will also be included

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Main ThemeThe main theme of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Composition Supervisor: Hideki Sakamoto Composition: noisycroak Co., Ltd.2018-06-12T18:03:41.000Z

• The newest battle mechanics shown in the trailer includes directional air dodging, short hop attacks, Smash Attacks performed with the A + B buttons, and the Perfect Shield

• All stages now have Battlefield and Omega variations; new stages, like the Moray Towers from Splatoon) and the Great Plateau Tower from Breath of the Wild, will be featured. Every stage from every Smash Bros. game (including the 3DS version) will be playable. Selecting a stage now takes place before choosing your character, plus you have the ability to turn off stage hazards

• Gamecube controllers, new and old, will be compatible

• The game will run at 60fps in both docked and portable mode. As for resolution, it will appear in 1080p in docked mode and 720p in portable mode

• All existing Amiibo figures and data from those Amiibo can be transferred over

And last but certainly not least, here’s the game’s massive roster reveal image:

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Roster


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