The Division 2 Unveils New Trailer and Post-Game Content (E3 2018)

The Division 2 Post Game

The Division is a one of those series that stumbled coming out of the gate, yet thanks to consistent updates were able to gain its footing. Over two years later developer Massive Entertainment revealed that the sequel to this PvPvE series is on its way. Set in Washington D.C. after a smallpox outbreak ravaged the city, players assume the role of elite soldiers sent in to take the city back.

While this series has been shown throughout E3, we finally got a proper look at the game during Ubisoft’s press conference. Once the main campaign is finished, players can pick a specialization that comes with additional skills and weapons such as a powerful sniper rifle. Raids will make their debut in The Division 2, which is a first for the series.

We also know that there will be free content updates, some of which Massive Entertainment detailed. Players will get to experience three episodes that include a wealth of new content. All of this will be completely free to those who own The Division 2.

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