10 Westworld Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

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It was only a matter of time before HBO’s hit show Westworld got the mobile game treatment.

And if you poured hundreds of hours into Fallout Shelter, then it’s a safe bet that you’ll spend just as much time with this one. As a new Westworld trainee, you’ve been put in charge of the official Delos Park Training Simulation (DPTS). In order to learn all the skills needed to become a trustworthy employee, you’ll have to keep your Guests happy and make sure your Hosts are always up to task. With this essential tips guide in your grasp, you’ll make your Westworld masters happy and give your Guests everything they desire…and more.

Here are the top 10 tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Westworld:

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1. Assemble a Nice Collection of Hosts & Power Them Up Whenever Possible

Westworld Game Tips

Warner Bros.

• Keeping the many patrons of the DPTS entertained is done through the efforts of your Hosts. As you utilize the ones in your stable to fulfill your Guests’ desires and complete other game conditions, you’ll amass Coins and Host Codes. You’re going to need those items, plus Gems and Social Points to craft new types of Hosts. Once you unlock new buildings, immediately build up the Hosts needed to perform the sort of activities each buildings’ Guest is into. The more Hosts you have, the more you’ll have on hand to keep your Guests happy. More happy guests means tons more rewards that go right into amassing new Hosts.

• Improving your Hosts is mainly accomplished by having them successfully interact with Guests and taking them to the Rebuild facility. Whenever you select a Host to upgrade, it’s best to sacrifice four XP Prototypes instead of other working Hosts. Once you max out any one of your Hosts, you can choose to permanently level them up by giving up two Hosts of the same Star Rank. Once that’s complete, the Star Rank of that Host will increase and cause them to be even more efficient at keeping your Guests happy.

2. Successful Guest and Host Matchups are Based on Hat Color, Host Roles, and Their Interaction Rating

Westworld Game Tips

Warner Bros.

• When it’s time to select a Host to interact with one of your Guests, there’s three main factors you’ll need to take under consideration – the Hosts’ hat color, their roles, and their interaction rating. For example, a Gambler Host with a high role rating and a White Hat will please a Guest with the same hat and role. You should always avoid creating Guest/Host interactions that are signified by a red compatibility rating. You’ll spot that color coded rating notifier above an interaction you’re about to set up. Always go for blue-rated interactions – your Guest will always be pleased at the end of that interaction, plus your Host will avoid being shot and forced into the Body Shop.

• No matter what you do, you’ll eventually have to repair your Hosts. Sometimes, they’ll start developing a Glitch Risk rating. Put them to work if they have high stats, but be prepared to fix them at Diagnostics. Chances are that that Host will go haywire even after a successful interaction. Lessen the annoyance of this issue by having a nice collection of Hosts on hand. That way, you’ll have more well working units in place to replace the ones in repair.

3. Journeys Offer The Game’s Best Rewards

• Once you unlock the option to send your Hosts out on Journeys, make sure you have enough Hosts with good stats and Star Ranks in your collection. Each Journey needs Hosts with specific Star Ranks, Roles, Affinities, and Cornerstones. After completing a bunch of Host/Guest interactions, finish off your play session by finishing some Journeys. All your Hosts should be free by the time you decide to play through one. The game’s most valuable rewards (plus Social Badges that are used purely to display bragging rights!) come from completing all three tiers of a Journey.

4. Upgrade Your Buildings, Keep Your Hosts in Fine Form, Improve Their Skills With Props

Westworld Game Tips

Warner Bros.

• The main portion of your underground facility you’ll need to upgrade is your Control Room. Increasing its level helps unlock new Westworld locations, buildings for your Guests, and more underground facilities. Increase your Player Level by completing assorted game tasks in order to keep upgrading your Control Room. Also be sure to spend your currency towards upgrading your buildings and facilities. Improved buildings host more Guests and leveled up facilities perform their tasks even better than before.

• After building up the Calibration and Reveries facilities, your Hosts will gain even more opportunities to receive upgrades. Always pay a visit to Diagnostics to fix any Hosts that are in danger of getting glitches before you choose to improve them and put them to work. Providing Hosts with Props helps expand their skillset and makes them even more useful for your Guests. You’ll need crafting materials in order to produce Props, so make sure you have enough high ranking Hosts on hand to complete Escalante Weaver tests. The goods you’ll need in order to create Props mainly comes from working in Escalante.

5. Focus All Your Efforts on Sweetwater Before You Head to the Other Locations

Westworld Game Tips

Warner Bros.

Westworld is home to five separate locations – Sweetwater, Abernathy Ranch, Escalante, Las Mudas, and Pariah. Focus most of your playtime within the first area by building up a ton of higher-ranked Hosts. The Guests who inhabit the other four locations are pretty hard to entertain due to their high role rating, so do a ton of Host level grinding in Sweetwater before you start heading to other places.

6. Spend Your Gems Wisely…

• Gems are a lot harder to obtain than Coins and XP. When you do get your hands on some, don’t waste them on speeding up the build timer so new buildings can be put up much faster. Just be patient as new buildings are being constructed. Put your Gems towards opening more Host/item slots in Critical Analysis, Diagnostics, Biomaterials, the Body Shop etc.

7. Increase Your Hosts’ Levels and Earn More Host Codes Through Critical Analysis

Westworld Game Tips

Warner Bros.

• Your Hosts become even better at their jobs by having them successfully interact with Guests, sacrificing other Hosts to improve them in Rebuilds, producing Props for them in Biomaterials, and letting them participate in Critical Analysis. Any Host you place into Critical Analysis gains extra XP, plus you’ll obtain more Host Codes. When you’re looking to choose an answer for your Host during Critical Analysis, go for the answers that have less negative effects on them. So answers with less red icons and more grey/green ones are the ones you should pick more often.

8. VIPs are Hard to Please, But They Yield Great Rewards

Westworld Game Tips

Warner Bros.

• As you unlock new locations, more demanding Guest types will start to pop up. They only stay around for a limited time, which means it’s best to ignore their demands if you don’t have a high-level Host in place to satisfy them. But if you do, match that Host up with that rare Guest immediately. Fulfilling their fantasy means you’ll walk away with some really valuable items. Premium Hosts are usually the only Host types that can properly interact with VIPs.

9. Complete the Entirety of Auto-Tasks and Daily Tasks Every Time You Log-In

• You’ll complete the game’s main Objectives over time, but you should always complete Auto-Tasks and Daily Tasks every time you log-in. Always start the timer for the longest Auto-Task and work your way up from the bottom of the Auto-Task list from that point forward.

• These tasks tend to themselves in the background while you play, so there’s no active input needed except for starting them. Completing Auto-Tasks and other assorted goals every day will help you fulfill Daily Tasks. You’ll acquire a ton of Coins, Gems, XP, and even Host Codes just for completing both daily mission types.

10. Assemble a Lineup of Co-Workers ASAP

Westworld Game Tips

Warner Bros.

• Click on the handshake tab to begin adding Co-Workers and connect the game to your Facebook account. Being extra friendly in Westworld with other players means you’ll be gifted with Social Points, which are needed to manufacture basic Hosts. Gifting Social Points to anyone on your Co-Workers list also means you’ll be rewarded with some.

• So keep adding Co-Workers to make sure your currency of Social Points never runs out. You can complete the three main Social Goals/Objectives just by connecting to Facebook, adding one Co-Worker, and sending 10 Social Points to a Co-Worker.

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