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The majesty and power of dragons shine through in the dragon type Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Their high attack and resistance against many common types of Pokemon make them highly desired among trainers. But which Dragon type Pokemon are the best? Well look no further.

Here are the top five best dragon Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

The top five Pokemon in this list were decided upon thanks to research on GamePress as well as my own judgement and knowledge of the game.

5th Best – Alolan Exeggutor

Type: Grass/Dragon
Max CP: 2881
Attack: 230
Defense: 158
Stamina: 190

Alolan Exeggutor is similar to its non-Alolan counterpart only with slightly lower attack and a secondary typing of dragon instead of psychic. It retains much of what made the original Exeggutor such a potent force to be reckoned with when Pokemon Go first launched, namely its high attack stat. It’s defense and stamina of 158 and 190 respectively is decent but it’s really helped by the fact that Alolan Exeggutor double resists electric, grass, and water type moves.

But what makes Alolan Exeggutor so great is that it’s one of the easiest dragon Pokemon in the game to catch and power up. While it was way more common when it was first released in late May, it’s also currently available as a tier two Raid Boss. This gives players ample opportunity to find a high IV Alolan Exeggutor and power it up with the candy from catching it, its original form, and its pre-evolution.

However there’s a lot that isn’t in Alolan Exeggutor’s favor. First of all it’s a much better grass type attacker than a dragon one. While it has access to the powerful grass type Charge Move of Solar Beam, the weak Dragon Pulse is its only dragon type Charge Move. While the original Exeggutor could work as either a grass or psychic type attacker, its Alolan form is only viable as a grass type one.

Plus it has the debilitating ice type weakness shared by Dragonite and Salamence, but it’s weak to five other types while the other two Pokemon are only weak to three other ones.

Never the less, Alolan Exeggutor is still a valuable Pokemon especially for more casual fans of the game who may not have the time or resources to invest in a stronger dragon type. It’s just too bad that it’s a better grass type than a dragon one.

4th Best – Latios

Type: Dragon/Psychic
Max CP: 3644
Attack: 268
Defense: 228
Stamina: 160

I was originally going to put Latios much higher on the list. It should be a top tier threat on paper, and in many ways it is. It’s got a huge attack stat and both dragon and psychic type attacks to take advantage of. It’s unique typing makes it resistant against six different types including the common types of fire, fighting, and psychic. On top of it all it has a sizable defense as well as access to the powerful move of Solar Beam.

However it’s only 4th on the list because its Charge Move of Dragon Claw doesn’t have nearly as high of a damage output as other moves like Dragonite’s Outrage or Salamence’s Draco Meteor. It’s Quick Move of Dragon Breath is also slightly behind Dragonite and Salamence’s Dragon Tail. And while its defense is higher than Dragonite’s, its stamina is lower which hurts its overall bulk. Plus while it doesn’t have the double weakness to ice like Dragonite and Salamence, it’s still weak to ice along with five other types. Besides it can’t take advantage of that bulk because as a Legendary Pokemon it can’t be used as a Gym defender. Not only that but you can only acquire it if you manage to catch it after beating it as a limited time Raid Boss.

Make no mistake, however; it’s still a great dragon/psychic type attacker. If you can manage to nab a Latios, you won’t be disappointed.

3rd Best – Salamence

Type: Dragon/Flying
Max CP: 3532
Attack: 277
Defense: 168
Stamina: 190

Salamence is a worthy addition to dragon types in Pokemon Go. It has a massive attack stat of 277 and some powerful moves in Dragon Tail and Draco Meteor. The latter move is the exclusive Community Day Charge Move for Dragonite, and Salamence puts it to good use. Plus Salamence has some fire type moves to optionally help curb its weakness to ice types, though you’re better off with two dragon type moves. And we can’t forget its total of six resistances with the Pokemon double resisting grass and ground types.

However it’s slightly below Dragonite because while Salamence has a bit more attack, Dragonite has better bulk and its Charge Move of Outrage is actually slightly better than Draco Meteor as hard to believe as that sounds. While the two moves are competitive in terms of damage output, Outrage has two energy bars instead of Draco Meteor’s one bar. This makes the move available to use earlier and adds flexibility in Gym Battles. Nothing’s worse than dying to a move when you almost had your bar filled.

Despite all that, Salamence is still competitive with Dragonite, sporting slightly higher damage output at the cost of lower bulk.

2nd Best – Dragonite

Type: Dragon/Flying
Max CP: 3581
Attack: 263
Defense: 201
Stamina: 182

Dragonite has remained a terror in the game even after two years and two new generations of Pokemon. That’s thanks to his huge attack stat and great bulk. The bulk really helps with its typing as it has six total resistances while double resisting grass and ground types. Plus it has access to the powerful move of Outrage which despite its long cooldown sports tons of power and two energy bars for added flexibility in gym battles. Dragonite could also work as a strong flying type attacker thanks to its access to the Charge Move Hurricane.

However it is let down a bit thanks to its double weakness to ice along with weaknesses to rock, fairy, and dragon. Plus while it and Salamence are easier to acquire than Legendary Pokemon, they are still hard to come by as their pre-evolutions are very rare in the wild and can only be hatched from 10 KM Eggs. But that’s not enough to knock it off the top percentage of Pokemon.

Dragonite is not only one of the best dragon Pokemon but one of the best general attackers in the game as it’s able to go toe to toe with nearly every Pokemon in the game. Unlike other high attack Pokemon, Dragonite also has some defense to make it a powerful Gym defender as well.

Best Dragon Pokemon – Rayquaza

Type: Dragon/Flying
Max CP: 3645
Attack: 284
Defense: 170
Stamina: 191

Rayquaza, the poster boy of Pokemon Emerald, is easily the best dragon type Pokemon in the game and one of the best overall Pokemon you can have on your team.

It has the highest attack stat among all dragon types and the third highest attack stat among all Pokemon, only being outclassed by Slaking and Mewtwo. It essentially becomes a better version of Dragonite as it can use the excellent Dragon Tail and Outrage combo for maximum damage output. It even becomes one of the best flying type Pokemon in the game thanks to its combo of Air Slash and Aerial Ace, though it’s not as useful as its dragon type moves.

While it’s low defense is a bit of a drawback, that won’t matter as it can only be used to attack Gyms and Raids anyway. Plus it has the same weaknesses as Dragonite and Salamence including the glaring weakness to ice. As a Legendary Pokemon it’s also really hard to come by. But if you do manage to tame this dragon, you will be greatly rewarded.

Rayquaza truly is the dragon’s hoard of Pokemon Go, only Rayquaza is both the treasure and the dragon guarding said treasure.

Honorable Mentions

Let’s give a quick shoutout to some of the decent dragon type Pokemon that unfortunately weren’t good enough for the top five.

Latias – Latios’ twin didn’t make it onto the list because it has the inverse of Latios’ attack and defense. While Latias is much bulkier than Latios, it’s also severely underpowered. Plus it’s just as hard to acquire as Latios. However its still much stronger than most other Pokemon and even has access to Outrage which definitely helps.

Kingdra – Kingdra is much more balanced in therms of type weaknesses and resistances compared to other dragon types. It sports a double resistance to fire and water, it resists steel, and it’s only weak to dragon and fairy. It also has access to powerful moves like Hydro Pump and Outrage. However its low stats means it will never be a top tier Pokemon, especially among the other dragon types.

What’s your favorite dragon type Pokemon? Let us know in the comment section below.

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