Clash of Clans Guide: Forum, Weight Calculator, & More

clash of clans guide

Though Clash of Clans came out in 2013 on Android, it is still one of the top trending mobile games and for good reason. Clash of Clans is a fantasy strategy game where the player must build their own town and fight off other players. The latter is important for obtaining resources to build a better defense and town, so there are plenty of times where the player has to seek out a battle.

The resources players must acquire are gold, elixir, and dark elixir. Gold and elixir are used to build defenses and reload them. Defense is crucial to protecting your town against other players. Elixir and dark elixir, are for training and upgrading troops and any spells you might need during battle.

The “clan” part comes in when players unite and form up a clan of up to fifty people. Doing this allows players to attack other large clans and share the resources. If you are not keen on playing online, Clash of Clans does have a single player mode. Instead of attacking other players, you can attack random goblin villages.

Either way, if you’re looking for a few tips and tricks on how to handle certain spells, a baby dragon, or just what the latest news on the game is, look no further than our Clash of Clans Guide: Forum, Weight Calculator, & More.

Clash of Clans Forum

There are a few Clash of Clans forums to choose from. One is the official forum the developers, Supercell. This forum provides a variety of venues for your gaming needs. For example, there are quite a few threads in General that discuss the basics of Clash of Clans, like tactics, strategy, and even a place to share ideas and improvements to the game. As the forum is run by the development team, your suggestions are sure to be seen and heard.

The official forum is also a good place to find and join big clans. In fact, Clan Talk contains a very thorough and extensive guide to building and running your own clan successfully. Clan Talk also provides plenty of advice on many other topics, such as what to do when you’re too low level for most of the larger clans. The latter is a prominent problem in the game, but it is important to stick it out until you reach an appropriate level.

Another forum you can go to is the Clash of Clans Reddit community. Reddit is not quite a traditional forum, but it is the place to be if you are looking for a huge variety of game guides. In particular, guides to do with clan management and farming.

Clash of Clans Accounts For Sale

Clash of Clans Guide

If you would like to completely circumvent the problem of being too low level to join a clan, you can always buy your way to the top. The main places you can buy Clash of Clans accounts include Player Auctions, Account Warehouse, and G2G. Other less reputable hosts are Kijiji and eBay. Kijiji might be a great place to get cheap furniture, but a far less likely place to buy legitimate digital information. There are no systems in place to get your money if you find yourself with a bogus account.

That said, Account Warehouse does have a system in place. Right on the homepage is the site’s policy, which explains that each Clash of Clans account for sale has already been purchased by Account Warehouse. As such, the cost is already covered by their Lifetime Warranty and there is a return policy just in case.

G2G does not always have a guarantee, especially if the transaction is made outside of G2G. However, you can always check if the listing has G2G seller insurance, which indicates a money-back guarantee if the account is not to your liking.

Player Auctions has even more buyer protections, called Player Guardian. Like G2G, there is a money-back guarantee, payment security, and more. Feel free to take a look at their policies before you make a purchase.

Clash of Clans War Weight Calculator

War weight, if you don’t already know, is a rather complex issue in Clash of Clans. According to Clash Track, war weight is what Supercell uses to match you with someone of a similar level. As such, the lower your war weight, the easier your opponent will be. Unfortunately, if you want to know exactly what your clan’s war weight is, you’re in for a deep dive into math and extensive spreadsheets.

There are very few accurate war weight calculators out there, the simplest of them being from 3 Star Clashing. The latter asks you to input detailed information about your clan, up to and including your defenses, troops, and spells. Other sources state that it is not so simple, claiming that every item in your inventory lends to the overall war weight as well, including gold, heroes, walls, and towers. Each item has a different weight, as can be seen on the All Clash website.

If you want the most in-depth and complex Clash of Clans war weight calculator, Clash Kings 2 was kind enough to create one. It comes with a complete guide on how to use it as well, so be sure to check it out before using the calculator.

Clash of Clans Freeze Spell

The Freeze Spell in Clash of Clans is a very powerful spell if used correctly. The latter isn’t as easy as it may sound, however. The Freeze Spell can be used to disable your opponent’s defenses, including ground and air troops. The radius is small, but it will prevent the selected defenses from moving or attacking. If the opponent’s troops move into the Freeze Spell radius after it has been activated, they will not be affected by it.

To use the Freeze Spell wisely, timing and location are the keys to success. But first, you’ll need to understand the limitations of the spell too. For example, the Hidden Tesla cannot be frozen unless it is revealed while the Freeze Spell is active and it is within the radius of the spell.

If you would like more detail on the limitations of the Freeze Spell, you can find them at All Clash. The author has also put together a comprehensive guide to mastering the Freeze Spell and how to use it based on your opponent’s strategies.

Is Clash of Clans Dead?

Clash of Clans Guide

Fortunately, the answer is easy: no, Clash of Clans is not dead. If you’ve been playing the game for awhile, you already know this, but it might be easy to misunderstand. The notion that Clash of Clans is dead came from those players that happened upon a few abandoned bases as they played. As this grew to more than one or two, some players grew concerned. The concern escalated when it became increasingly difficult for low level players to find large clans that were still heavily active.

In order to put such fears at rest, two vital things must be understood. First, the Town Hall 8 update provoked quite the drop in active player count. The update brought unwelcome changes that forced a lot of people to stop playing altogether. However, most Clash of Clan players weathered the storm and were rewarded for their efforts.

Second, it must be understood that mobile games, just like their counterparts on console and PC, eventually lose their active player count. This could be because of aforementioned unwelcome changes, the developer’s inability to provide new content for experienced players, or simply the passage of time.

In the case of the latter, the folks that initially played the game will get bored and move onto games that suit them better. You can see this happen with still popular games like Overwatch (casual players have decreased drastically since the release) or Grand Theft Auto V (time has left only the true fans of online play).

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