Mysterious Carriage Appears Near Prison in Fortnite

Fortnite Carriage

Epic Games

A mysterious carriage has appear near the prison in place of the rift that used to be located there.

Late last month the rocket finally launched in Fortnite and it has caused a variety of problems for the world. The first thing many players will notice is the giant crack in the sky happened as a result of the missile launch.

Shortly after that world event, mysterious portals and rifts began appearing all over the map. The first known location was at the Lonely Lodge but these portals have since spread to different areas on the map.

Recently, the portals have began destroying objects on the map, such as the Tomato Town tomato on top of the restaurant and the Durr Burget mascot on top of Greasy Grove.

The madness hasn’t stopped there either as there have been reports of seeing the actual Durr Burger mascot in a desert in California. A business card was found near the burger which features a number that can be called which plays the sound of a portal.

One of the portals near the prison has actually spawned what appears to be a horse drawn buggy, without the horses of course.

It would be easy to attribute this to a medieval setting but that has already happened in Fortnite. More indications of this would be the return of the Red Knight skin but these are likely something being done from Epic Games to throw players off the track.

It’s plausible the rift has created a tear in the timeline that will cause items and objects from various eras to enter the game. The carriage is likely just the beginning and we’ll see more with what Epic Games has in store in the near future.

It looks like tomorrow will also introduce a desert of sorts by Anarchy Acres, if the Two Epic Buddies Twitter account is anything to go by. The account, which has accurately predicted new content in the past, has an image showcasing the new area and will have more coming in a video tomorrow.

Right before the start of the fourth season, Epic Games dropped several clues about the upcoming season on Twitter. We saw them begin with teasing a new skin each day until eventually all of the skins were introduced on Twitter. It’s possible we could see something like that again this season so stay tuned.

Season 4 of Fortnite wraps up July 11 so there’s only a couple more days for players to grind out their Battle Pass. Keep in mind all skins, emotes, back blings, etc. found in the Season 4 Battle Pass will be gone forever once the season is over.

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