10 Knights Chronicle Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

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Knights, heroes, and monsters have all gathered for a grand adventure in Knights Chronicle.

This incredibly engrossing mobile RPG from Netmarble has a lot going on within it. Besides embarking on an epic adventure, you’ll be tasked with raiding dungeons, upgrading your characters, joining a guild, maintaining a town, and accomplishing so much more.

With so many different elements at play, there’s a lot to take in and remember as you become even more powerful. Refer to the essential tips guide we’ve created below and you’ll make the most of your Knights Chronicle experience. It’s time for you and your roster of heroes to beat back the many evils that come your way!

Here are the top 10 tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Knights Chronicle:

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1. Battle Tactics

Knights Chronicle Game

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• The majority of Knights Chronicle’s battles take place within the Challenges, Adventure, and PvP hubs. Once you’ve made it to the party lineup screen, tap on the “Region Data” button to look at the enemy types you’ll encounter and what rewards are given out for completing the stage you’re set to enter. You should have your four main character slots filled by Heroes who each stick to a certain element. As for the type of Helper you should select, choose someone who’s capable of offering a good elemental boost to your strongest Hero.

• When you finally hop onto the battlefield, take note of your enemy’s weaknesses and take advantage of them to attain victory. During Adventure and Challenges’ battles, save your cinematic attacks for the final part of a stage battle since it’s likely that you’ll run into a boss.

• After completing a stage for the first time, try farming it a few times for items and XP by relying on the “Auto Battle” option. Replaying and completing certain stages can help increase your collection of XPmon, Rainbowmon, and other monster types that can be sacrificed to level up Heroes. Also, completing different regions offers you great rewards, such as new Heroes. So make sure you complete Adventure mode so you can gain new powerful Heroes for the game’s more hardcore battle challenges.

2. Upgrade Your Heroes to the MAX!

Knights Chronicle Game

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• As you delve deeper into the game, you’ll be confronted by even tougher foes. Leveling up your main party Heroes can be done by utilizing them in battle. But outside of battle, you can also make them even stronger through the “Level Up” method.

• Don’t sacrifice any of your characters to level up another except for XPMon, Goldmon, and Luna – keep your other Heroes on deck so you may upgrade them later and include them within another party lineup. After achieving the maximum level for a Hero, you’ll be rewarded with Crystals. So make any of your Heroes as strong as possible, receive your Crystals, and put them towards summoning brand new Heroes.

3. Unlock a Character’s Hero Talent and Become Even Stronger

Knights Chronicle Game

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• You can unlock the Hero Talent of any character once their Hero Level hits 50. Each Hero Talent thereafter can be activated every two Hero Levels after 50. There are three classes of each talent and the higher the class is, the better it is.

• You can change any character’s Hero Talent whenever you’d like, so improve your Hero’s Talents based on your current battle circumstances. You need Gold and Essence to unlock a character’s Hero Talent – you can acquire Essence from the “Special Dungeon” marked “Essence Dungeon.” This dungeon type can be found within the Special Dungeon option by tapping on the lobby “Challenges” tab.

4. The Benefits of Runes

Knights Chronicle Game

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• Equipping Runes to any of your characters helps them gain additional stat boosts. The game makes it clear that you’re better off equipping Runes that have the same symbol on them – doing this helps your now equipped Hero gain “Set Bonus” stat boosts.

• It’s good to have at least two or three Runes with the same symbol tied to them equipped to any of your main characters. As for Enhancing Runes, just click on any of the ones you’ve already equipped. Sacrifice weaker Runes or Runes you’ve recently unequipped in order to gain “Enhance Stones,” which are needed for the enhancing process.

5. Regularly Pay a Visit to Your Town!

Knights Chronicle Game

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• There are several buildings present within your Town – all of them benefit you in some way. Keep in mind that you have to be of a certain Rank before you can open and upgrade any of those buildings. Just tap on the Town Hall to see what you’re close to unlocking next.

• You can acquire Gold for free from the Mine and exchange material types for Heroes, Essence, and other items in your Laboratory. And by spending Pal Points, you can earn numerous rewards from the Pal Lotto. Be sure to click on any locked and unlocked buildings to discover what duties they fulfill, what rewards you can get from them, and what items you can purchase from some of them.

6. Enhance Your Heroes and Make Them Even Stronger

• Once any of your Heroes reaches Rarity level R, Star Level six, and Level 60 (Evolving speeds up this process), you’ll then be able to Enhance them. The practice of enhancing entails improving a hero’s normal ability, while also helping them gain an additional ability increase. In order to enhance a Hero, you’ll need six star ranked Advent Hero and Insignia. An Advent Hero can be acquired within the Special Dungeon’s “Advent Dungeon.”

7. Enhancing Skills

• Whenever you’re ready to enhance the Skills of any of your characters, pay close attention to the “Enhance Rate” percentage when you’re about to sacrifice a Hero. You should only go through with that sacrifice when the percentage is close to or precisely 100-percent. There’s no need to waste any of your Heroes for Skill enhancing when the success rate is woefully low. Your Skill enhancement priorities for a character should go like this – their cinematic attack, first attack, then second attack.

8. Gain Friends and Join a Guild

• After completing a battle with a Helper by your side, make sure you always send a friend request to the person behind that Helper. Even when you reach your daily limit of collected Pal Points, you should still send out friend requests.

• You’ll amass plenty of “Pal Points,” which are put towards “Pal Summons” and “Pal Summon: Essences.” Pay a visit to the “Social” tab to regularly send/receive Pal Points and build up your friend list by adding suggested new allies. Also, be sure to stay on top of your Guild duties. Check in every day and participate in the “Guild Dungeon” and “Guild Battle” to gain even more rewards.


Knights Chronicle Game

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• Summoning new Heroes can only be done if you have a great amount of Crystals. The preferred method towards gaining Crystals is by leveling up your Heroes to their max level. You’ll always get a daily free hero summon draw, so make sure you always advantage of that.

• As for the ones you need to pay for, go for the “Summon x11” option as much as you can until you only have enough for a “Summon x1” option. You have much better odds of acquiring high ranking Heroes by summoning 11 of them simultaneously. Pay attention to the game’s special events – chances are high that incredibly powerful characters will become available for summoning.

10. Be Aware of Completion Requirements and Rewards Given Out By Missions, Achievements, and the Star Collection

Knights Chronicle Game

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• There’s a nice variety of methods towards collecting all the rewards Knights Chronicle has to offer. Completing stages, farming those same stages via the Auto Battle method, and logging in to collect 28 day check-in and seven-day check rewards are just a few of those methods. Make sure you also collect your Lena’s Gift after 10 minutes have elapsed. Several of those gifts become available throughout the day.

• You should also focus on fulfilling the requirements stated by by the long list of Missions and Achievements the game throws at you. When you hop into Adventure mode, tap on the “Star Collection List” tab in the bottom left. Rewards are also handed out to you for collecting stars that depend on how quickly and efficiently you’ve completed a stage. So make sure you always strive to earn a three-star rating during your first run playthrough of any stage.

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