Pokemon Go Regirock: Max CP, Stats & Best Moveset

pokemon go regirock best counters


Regirock is available today to fight in Pokemon Go Raids. If you’ve managed to catch a Regirock, you may be wondering what Regirock’s Max CP, stats, and best moves are. You may be even wondering if Regirock is worth powering up at all. Well look no further. All that and more is answered right here.

According to GamePress, the max CP of Regirock and its stats are as follows:

  • Max CP at Level 20: 1764
  • Max CP at Level 40: 3087

  • Attack: 179
  • Defense: 356
  • Stamina: 160

    Regirock comes with the Quick Moves Rock Smash and Rock Throw and the Charge Moves Stone Edge, Focus Blast, and Zap Cannon, according to GamePress. Looking at the stats presented by GamePress, it looks like the optimal move set for Regirock is Rock Throw and Focus Blast. Rock Throw does more damage than Rock Smash thanks to its lower cooldown and Same Type Attack Bonus providing 25 percent more attack according to Pokemon Go Hub. Focus Blast actually does more damage than Stone Edge even with STAB and can help counter the steel-types it’s weak to. That being said Stone Edge can be used with Rock Throw to best counter Pokemon weak to rock. Zap Cannon can be used to counter water-types but you shouldn’t be fighting water-types with Regirock and it doesn’t perform as well as Stone Edge and Focus Blast anyway.

    Is Regirock worth powering up? Maybe not. Regirock shares the second highest defense stat in the game with Regice. This makes it one of the best defensive Pokemon against fire-, normal-, flying-, and poison-types. However its stamina isn’t the highest and its attack stat is relatively low compared to most of the high tier Pokemon, especially compared to its rock-type brethren. Plus being a Legendary Pokemon, it can’t be a Gym defender and take advantage of that defense.

    Tyranitar currently has the highest attack stat out of all rock-type Pokemon according to GamePress and has admirable bulk on top of it. It can also function well as a dark-type attacker. However as a rock-type attacker it’s best with the Community Day exclusive move of Smack Down along with Stone Edge. Plus while it’s strong against seven types with a double resistance to psychic, it’s weak against another seven with a double weakness to fighting. Both versions of Golem are also great rock-type Pokemon and have access to Rock Throw and Stone Edge.

    We also have the Sinnoh region Pokemon Rhyperior, the next evolution of Rhydon, to look forward to once Sinnoh region Pokemon come to the game. According to GamePress, Rhyperior has an attack stat of 241, a defense stat of 224, and a stamina stat of 230. If it gets optimal moves like Smack Down and Stone Edge, then it could easily become one of the best rock-types in the game.

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