How to Get to the Neighborhood in NBA 2K19

NBA 2K19 How to Find the Neighborhood

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The latest game in the long-running basketball simulator NBA 2K19 is out now and there is a lot of excitement surrounding the game.

One of NBA 2K18’s big selling points was the addition of the Neighborhood mode which was a free-roaming way for players to explore an open area and team up with friends without having to scroll through a various list of menus.

For what flaws NBA 2K18 had it’s hard to find many flaws with the Neighborhood, especially with what Visual Concepts tried to do with and what they plan on doing.

The Neighborhood is back in NBA 2K19 and it’s bigger than ever. If you skipped last year’s iteration then the Neighborhood will be brand new for you and you’ll quickly find there’s a lot to do here.

However, players aren’t just able to hop into the Neighborhood. Like last year’s version, players will have to do some things in the MyCareer mode first before they can actually hop into the Neighborhood itself.

Players will have to create their character and complete all of the Prelude content in NBA 2K19. You can do this by either downloading the Prelude before you purchase the game or you can just hop right into the career mode in NBA 2K19 which will put you through the Prelude mode anyways.

Luckily NBA 2K19 allows players to skip cutscenes in the career mode so you will be able to rush through the early story if you choose to. The whole prelude should only take an hour or so so you don’t have to worry about spending too much time stuck in a “boring” mode. The Prelude is essentially designed to show you some new features and setting up the story.

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