What’s The Reward For Doing Fisk Hideouts in Spider-Man PS4?

Spider-Man PS4 Fisk Hideout Reward

Marvel’s Spider-Man is packed with tons of things to do outside of just doing the main story.

Players can swing around the city collecting backpacks, pigeons, taking pictures of landmarks or just beating up on baddies at the various Fisk Hideouts located around the city.

Taking down Wilson Fisk, better known as Kingpin, is one of the first things you do in Spider-Man but that doesn’t mean he’s gone from the game entirely. Kingpin still makes his presence felt with Fisk Hideouts which are just loaded with his henchmen still carrying out his orders.

These Fisk Hideouts provide players with Base Tokens so you’ll definitely want to do them as those tokens are used to unlock suits and upgrade your gadgets. But what do you get if you go the extra mile and complete all of the Fisk Hideouts in the game?

As it turns out, the player is not rewarded with anything in-game for completing all the hideouts. You get a phone call from Yuri saying all of Fisk’s construction sites have been shut down and then you get a call from Fisk himself expressing his displeasure with you shutting down all of his operations.

Other tasks like this have provided some extra goodies such as a new suit but these Fisk Hideouts give the player little more than a pat on the back. Nevertheless, players will have to complete all of these hideouts if they plan on doing everything the game has to offer.

The hideouts give players a chance to tackle waves of enemies so if you’re a fan of just mindlessly webbing bad guys then these hideouts are the best way to go about it. The hideouts are repeatable so you can also test out some of your new moves and gadgets if you choose to go that route.

Spider-Man is out now exclusively on PS4.

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