Festival of the Lost Event: Everything You Need to Know (Updated!!)

Festival of the Lost Destiny 2

October has arrived and with it comes a plethora of Halloween-focused events for various games. One of these events is the Festival of the Lost which is making its Destiny 2 debut later this month. Originally released in the first Destiny, Festival of the Lost focused on players wearing masks, obtaining candy, and earning special loot.

Despite releasing in September 2017, we never got a Festival of the Lost for Destiny 2. Thankfully, this is changing as Bungie has confirmed that this event will arrive this October. Here’s what we know so far about the Festival of the Lost:

(Author’s Note: We will update this piece as new information is released regarding the Festival of the Lost event)

Festival of the Lost  Release Date

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At the time of writing this no release date for Festival of the Lost has been revealed. While we do know this event will start this October, Bungie has remained quiet on when it begins. However, if we look at the release date for this event in the original Destiny, we see that it always starts near the end of the month.

This festival typically only last about a week, so there’s a large chance that Destiny 2’s version will follow this pattern.

Update 10/4/2018:

We now know that the official release date for the Festival of the Lost is October 16. Revealed in a blog post from Bungie, they confirmed the start date for this festival along with a few, scarce details.

Festival of the Lost  Loot

Festival of the Lost Loot

So far no loot has been directly teased by Bungie. We assume that the Festival of the Lost will continue the Halloween theme that previous iterations of this event have used. Despite solid confirmation, we are pretty sure that new items will show up at the Eververse stand. Bungie has used previous Destiny 2 events to introduce new cosmetics and we doubt Festival of the Lost will be any different.

Additionally, rumors have been circulating on social media that the Destiny 1 Exotic, Thunderlord, will make a return during the event. Keep in mind, this source has not been verified nor have their claims. Take everything regarding this rumor with a grain of salt. If there is a new Exotic introduced, it would be crazy to only make it available during the event.

However, we do know that Heavy Machineguns are making a return with the Black Armory DLC. It’s possible that Bungie is using Thunderlord as a test to see how these weapons function in-game and their general reception from the community.

Other loot that could show up include masks, Shaders, and various visual effects for your Guardian. Personally, we hope to see the return of the Superblack Shader which was introduced during one of the original Destiny’s Festival of the Lost.

During the Bungie ViDoc “Forsaken Launch and Beyond,” we get a tiny glimpse at the Festival of the Lost. This quick clip shows a Warlock sitting in front of an altar, which could act as the statue during the Solstice of Heroes event. This is, of course, speculation since this is the only known clip of the event so far.

Update 10/10/2018

An official post from Bungie has released detailing what players can expect from the Festival of the Lost event. Some of the loot announced includes masks, Sparrows, Exotic Ghosts, two new emotes, and the Horror Story auto-rifle. There has been no word on if the Thunderlord will return, however, that item could be left as a secret for players to find.

Festival of the Lost Quest

Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost

In this week’s blog post, Bungie revealed that players will have a quest that requires them to solve a murder. Whos murder and what the rewards are for finishing this quest is unknown, but we can confirm players will have more to do than just collecting cosmetics.

Bungie also teased that there will be a new challenge to tackle, which could be tied into the costume party concept they talk about. For the unfamiliar, the previous Festival of the Lost tasked players with completing activities while wearing masks. Since the masks greatly lowered your Light level, it was a neat little challenge for experienced users.

We will know more about this event next week when the full reveal is released.

Update 10/10/2018

Festival of the Lost Haunted Forest

We now know that there will be a new limited time activity introduced with the Festival of the Lost. Dubbed the Haunted Forest, players will venture to a warped variant of the Infinite Forest in order to hunt Demons and Ghouls. You will only have 15 minutes to explore this area, but the deeper you go the more challenging foes will become. We suspect that rewards will be tied to reaching certain milestones in the Haunted Forest.

The murder mystery has also obtained new details, as players will be tracking down Master Ives’ killer. Upon completing this quest, users will obtain a Powerful Reward and it appears that the quest will reset each week so make sure to complete it!

Make sure to check back with us as we will be constantly updating this article with the latest news and rumors surrounding this spooky event.