10 Ghostbusters World Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Ghostbusters World | Launch TrailerThe ghosts are entering into our world, and we need your help! Download the Ghostbusters World AR mobile game, available today on Google Play and the Apple Store. Assemble your team to bust some ghosts, battle in PVP mode, take down the big bosses, experience the story and more. DOWNLOAD NOW! Google Play: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ftt.gbworld.aos App…2018-10-22T18:26:59Z

If you’re still playing Pokémon GO and Jurassic World Alive, then Ghostbusters World will definitely become your new favorite.

The premise is pretty simple – you’ll need to leave your humble abode and go out hunting for ghosts. You can join up with some fellow Ghostbusters and take down even more powerful spirits (the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is quite the opponent!). Besides taking down ghosts, you can pit your captured spirits against other another players’ ghost army for some PvP battles within the Ghost Dimension. Plus you can put your ghosts to work by sending them out to collect you good materials. This developer curated tips guide will make turn you into a trust member of the AR Ghostbusters team!

Here are the top 10 tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Ghostbusters World:

Download the Ghostbusters World APK here.

1. Using Remote Gates to Get Items from Anywhere

Ghostbusters World

Four Thirty Three

• Dimensional Doors are based off of points of interest from Google. But if you don’t have a door nearby, you can put down your own personal “Remote Gate” on the map from which you can collect rewards at regular intervals. This means that even if you don’t live in a busy urban area, you won’t miss out on getting special items to aid in your Ghostbusting. But be careful! You won’t be able to move the gate freely once it’s installed. So it’s best to place this gate near a location you expect to visit often, like your home, school, or workplace.

2. Come on and Slam! To Capture More Ghosts

Ghostbusters World

Four Thirty Three

• Once you’ve got a ghost restrained with your capture stream, you can raise them off the ground to make the “Slam” button appear. If you press it in time, you’ll deliver a slam that dazes the ghost for a couple seconds. While a ghost is dazed, it’s way easier to hold them over a trap to capture them.

3. Level Up Your Ghosts With PKE Crystals

Ghostbusters World

Four Thirty Three

• Your ghosts will level up and grow stronger gradually from participating in ghost team battles, but you can also give them a boost by manually leveling up your ghosts with PKE Crystals. These crystals can be earned by defeating ghosts in capture battles and by completing various missions and challenges. Be sure to level up your highest ranked and rarest ghosts for maximum results!

4. Find New Ghosts with Ecto-Spheres

Ghostbusters World | Gameplay Walk-throughHonorary Ghostbuster Greg Miller takes us through never-before-seen gameplay for the upcoming location-based mobile AR game, Ghostbusters World.2018-09-20T15:54:39Z

• If you acquire an Ecto-Sphere, you can place them in a Cyto-Converter overtime to get a brand new ghost for your collection. Different Ecto-Spheres have different ranks of ghosts they can produce, but you never know exactly what type of ghost will emerge.

5. Keep an Eye on the Ghost Grade

• Not all ghosts are created equal – some can be surprisingly powerful. Be on the lookout for each ghost’s level, rank, and letter grade to determine how strong they are. You can upgrade a ghost’s level and rank over time, but its letter grade is determined when you first add the ghost to your collection and can’t be changed. The top grade is S and then A through to D rank. To consistently find ghosts at higher letter grades, you’ll need to keep busting.

6. Destabilize When You’re Out of Traps

• If you run out of traps while out busting ghosts, don’t worry you can still take them on in battle. Weapons like the Boson Caster, Meson Collider, and Shock Blast Emitter can destabilize ghosts. So as long as you still have ammo for those weapons, you can destabilize ghosts. While they won’t be added to your collection, you’ll get special rewards!

7. Play It Your Way

• There are lots of ways to enjoy Ghostbusters World. Some players will prefer the AR OFF mode, which doesn’t use the camera and instead places the ghosts in their own spooky settings. You can also change your Control Mode in the “Settings” menu to use a “Virtual Pad” for capture battles rather than the standard “Tilt” aiming controls. This means that you move a joystick with your thumb rather than move the phone around to capture your ghost. Lastly, you can also switch between right-handed and left-handed controls for different play modes in the “Settings” menu under the “Battle” tab.

8. Check in For Missions Everyday

Ghostbusters World

Four Thirty Three

• Regularly check your “Missions” for Daily Missions, Weekly Missions, and milestone Challenges that will all net you useful rewards for completing. These reward include everything from coins to crystals so be sure not to miss out! If you don’t receive a reward immediately, check your Mail. It may’ve been sent there instead.

9. Track Down the Ghosts in Your Neighborhood

• If you’ve busted all the ghosts in your immediate area, you can find more by accessing the “Ghost Tracker” from the right sidebar on the map screen. This is where you’ll be able to see a list of which ghosts are trackable nearby, as well as others that are possible to appear.

10. Challenge Story Mode Again

• Once you complete the Story Mode on “Easy,” the adventure doesn’t have to end there. You can take on even more challenge by completing the stages again at “Normal” and “Hard” difficulties for better rewards.

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