How to Begin Spider-Man PS4’s The Heist DLC

Spider-Man PS4 The Heist

Today marks the official debut of Marvel’s Spider-Man’s first DLC.

The first DLC, titled The Heist, will bring Black Cat back to the game after having her pop up sporadically throughout the main story.

This DLC will focus more on her and you’ll likely be learning a lot more about her character.

What many players might be wondering is how to actually access the DLC. Unless the DLC automatically installed for you, you’ll have to take some extra steps to begin the DLC questlines.

You’ll notice in the pause menu of the game there is a tab for DLC which you will be able to use and download DLC from there. The DLC is about 2 GB so you might need to set some time aside to download it depending on your internet connection.

Once you download the DLC through that tab you’ll then have to close out of the game completely and then reboot it. The game will tell you the DLC is active which is how you know you’re in business.

From there load up the game and scroll over to the DLC page again and select The Heist DLC and the rest will be pretty self-explanatory. It looks like the future DLCs will follow this method too so you’ll have to keep that in mind.

The Heist DLC will not only bring us the return of the Black Cat but we’ll also be receiving three new suits.

This DLC is available for $9.99 alone or you can get all three of them together for $24.99, effectively saving you $5.

The Heist will be the first of three planned DLC packs. If there will be more to come after that then it is being kept close to the chest by Sony and Insomniac. At the very least it looks like each DLC will come packed with content and potentially more suits with each one.

  • October 23: Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Heist
  • November 2018: Marvel’s Spider-Man: Turf Wars
  • December 2018: Marvel’s Spider-Man: Silver Lining

Spider-Man is out now exclusively on PS4.

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