5 Bacon Escape 2 Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Bacon Escape 2: Spaced Out! Official TrailerDOWNLOAD Bacon Escape 2 here – itunes.apple.com/us/app/bacon-escape-2/id1409679286?mt=8 Our favorite little piggy is back in a brand new and exciting adventure. It's time to bring home the bacon again! The makers of Bacon Escape and the “App Store Best of 2016” game Mr. Crab 2, Illusion Labs presents: Bacon Escape 2! Crashing down with his spaceship…2018-11-15T09:32:50.000Z

Everyone’s favorite cart riding pig has returned!

Bacon Escape 2 sees the wide-eyed swine crash landing on a new planet full of wild stages to conquer. These stages happen to be packed with all sorts of dangerous obstacles, such as spiked hammers, spiked death balls, and even Mother Nature’s wrath! We’re here to make sure you have an easier time rolling your way through these danger filled levels and gaining all sorts of fun unlockables along the way.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Bacon Escape 2:

Download the Bacon Escape 2 APK here.

1. The Difference Between Blue and Red Platforms

Bacon Escape 2

Illusion Labs

Bacon Escape 2 is an auto-runner (well, auto-roller) experience. You’ll soon become familiar with how the game’s two main contraptions work – tapping moves around blue platforms, while holding down your finger and also releasing it moves around red platforms.

• As you make your way to the game’s later stages, you’ll find yourself coming across instances where both of these platform types are used in conjunction with each other. You should keep an eye out for skull signposts when you’re close to an upcoming platform – start tapping or holding down your finger early so you can get a hint of how that platform works. A skull signpost signifies that you could possibly end your run if your finger input is off, so be careful!

2. Replay a Level Until You Get a Three-Star Rating

Bacon Escape 2

Illusion Labs

• You’ll need stars in order to make your way to new portions of the overworld. These stars are obtained by completing three specific stage goals – collecting all the apples along your path, nabbing the single star collectible floating around the stage, and simply completing the stage and getting the single star lying near the finish line. You most likely won’t nab everything on your first stage run through.

• Once you make your way to the goal line, you should immediately replay the level you just completed. Your first stage run through should be the one where you get a clear idea of the different paths you can take and which obstacles are the hardest to avoid. Replay a stage as many times as possible so you can claim your three stars and collect as many extra coins as possible!

3. Nab Those Delicious Apples

• Another signpost you need to keep an eye out for are the ones with apples on them. Obviously this signifies that a collectible apple is coming up soon. Apples are the currency you’ll need in order to get back into your current stage run at a checkpoint if you wipe out. You should always seek out the paths that have apples available for you to collect. Oh and don’t worry – if you don’t have enough apples to get a retry, you can always sit through a video ad and get back into the game that way. You technically have infinite retries, so go crazy!

4. Make Sure You Finish the Special Bonus Stage Every Day

• Each section of the game’s overworld has a bonus stage. Whenever you get the chance to go through one, take that opportunity ASAP! Bonus stages are pretty much collect-a-thon stages – your cart rider will roll along a stage full of coins and apples. You’ll need coins if you want to unlock the game’s other animal types, carts, and custom hats. Note that once you get through a bonus stage, you’ll have to wait a whole 24-hours before you can play it again. So make it a habit of playing through the bonus stage first every time you log-in during another daily Bacon Escape 2 session.

5. Claim Your Treasure Chests After Each Run

Bacon Escape 2

Illusion Labs

• Treasure Chests offer you all of the game’s many unlockable items. They can be picked up as you move along the overworld path of an area. The primary ways you’ll obtain Treasure Chests happens within the in-game store. You can choose to purchase them with coins (just know that the price for a chest increases by 100 coins after you buy one).

• The easiest method towards getting a whole bunch of chests for free is by choosing the video advertisement option. Just so you don’t grow tired of this method so quickly, just watch a single video ad after every completed stage run. You’ll be performing this method repeatedly since the coin price of chests gets a little too steep the longer you play the game.

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