How to Fast Travel in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online

Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Fast Travel

Red Dead Redemption 2’s Online mode has gone into beta and it’s carrying over numerous features from the single-player component. One of the major aspects of the multiplayer is the large map, which is completely open after you finish the Red Dead Redemption Online prologue. After gaining the ability to do whatever you want, the fast travel mechanic will also unlock.

There are two core methods for fast traveling, one of which will cost you in-game cash. Like offline mode, you can visit towns and take carriages to different areas for a fee. The farther you are from an area the more you will have to pay. If you’re just starting out we really don’t recommend doing this, since guns, supplies, and clothing can be expensive. Just save your money and ride out to that area.

However, if you’re not worried about the server or playing by yourself, you can go back to the main menu via the Story tab when you hit Start. When you go to the online mode from the main menu you will be given the option to free roam in Ambarino, Lemoyne, New Hanover, New Austin, and West Elizabeth. Selecting this will drop you onto the map in this region or you can just select “Free Roam” to respawn where you last were.

This is a slightly slower method, but it can save you some money if you’re not trying to spend a lot. You can also Posse up with others or join Story Missions but there is no control over where these missions take place. We recommend using the main menu method if you’re traveling across the entire map and don’t want to ride your horse. Sure, backing out is a bit more tedious but it will save you valuable money.

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