Fortnite Datamine Says Tilted Towers is Getting Destroyed

Fortnite Tilted Towers Destroyed Datamine

With Fortnite’s new Season right around the corner, a dataminer has revealed that Tilted Towers may not be destined for this world. Posted on Twitter by  Fortnite Leakage, the data suggests that Tilted Towers is going to be destroyed. While we cannot directly confirm the legitimacy of this claim, it wouldn’t surprise us if Epic Games went in this direction.

Fortnite has a history with teasing the destruction of this location in previous Seasons. The most memorable instances involved a rocket almost hitting the city and “Kevin” the cube crushing one of the buildings. Given that Epic Games likes to dramatically evolve their world each season, taking out the most iconic location in the game would certainly hake things up.

Where things get really interesting is in other lines of code shown in the leak. It appears that some A.I. enemies are going to launch some an attack on the city. We can see they will be using Rocket Launchers, Hand Cannons, Grenade Launchers, and LMGs. This could be tied to the Hunting Party skin that’s available after finishing seven weeks of Fortnite challenges.

At the time of writing this, Epic Games has not confirmed or teased the destruction of Tiled Towers. However, the developers are typically silent on the majority of leaks so this isn’t surprising. With Season 10 rapidly coming to an end, we are curious to see what direction the story and world of Fortnite goes.

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