How to Unlock Shaw in Call of Duty Blackout

Call of Duty Unlock Shaw Blackout

A new update for Call of Duty Black Ops 4 has released and it’s introducing another wave of characters for the Blackout game mode. Perhaps the most difficult skin to obtain so far is Zombies newcomer, Shaw. Not only is obtaining his character item tricky, but you’ll need to land two grenade kills with very specific weapons.

Here’s how to unlock Shaw in Call of Duty’s Blackout mode:

1. Get the Alchemical Set

To start your character mission you’ll need to kill the Zombies boss – Blightfather – to obtain the Alchemical Set. This is easier said than done since the Blightfather can absorb a ton of punishment and can quickly kill you. This boss only spawns in the graveyard south of Asylum and only when the red beam of light is out.

We highly recommend not trying to kill the Blightfather in Solos. Having to worry about the Blightfather and other players is a recipe for disaster. Killing this behemoth is easiest in Quads since you can divert his attention. Remember, the Blightfather is a special event and is only available for a limited time. At the time of writing this, he will only be around until November 13! 

So far we have not been able to confirm if you can get Shaw’s character item from zombies or the Mystery Box.

2. Kill 2 Players With Either Wraith Fire or Acid Bombs

The next step of this character mission tasks you with killing two players with either the Wraith Fire or Acid Bombs. This doesn’t need to be two people at once, so don’t worry about trying to find opponents grouped up. As long as you get two kills with these items before the match ends then you will be fine.

When using these projectiles, try to either hit enemies that are distracted or in buildings. Both of these grenades are great for dealing area of effect damage, so you want to make sure they can’t escape. Another good way is to break their armor first and then use a grenade to ensure they don’t have time to run.

You can only obtain the Wraith Fire and Acid Bombs from Mystery Boxes or the Blightfather. This makes them quite rare, so only use them when you can ensure that it kills someone.

3. Finish the Match With the Alchemical Set

Now for the easy part of this character mission. Once you get the Alchemical Set and get the required two kills all you need to do is finish the match with the item in your inventory. Like other character items, it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose. Just focus on slaying your opponents with the new zombie grenades. After you get those kills you can just play the match out and Shaw will be unlocked when you go back to the menu.

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