MTG Ravnica Allegiance Orzhov Mechanic and Cards Revealed

The next mechanic for Magic: The Gathering’s newest set – Ravnica Allegiance – has just been revealed. Dubbed “Afterlife,” this ability is tied to the Orzhov Syndicate and it’s going to be a nightmare to deal with. Revealed on DailyMTG, this mechanic gives players a 1/1 Black and White Spirit with Flying the creature with Afterlife dies. 

Orzhov Mechanic Spotlight: AfterlifeOh, you didn't think that just because you died your obligations to the Orzhov ended, did you? The Afterlife mechanic ensures that is not the case. Fulfill your obligation to the Orzhov when Ravnica Allegiance releases January 25.2018-12-18T15:45:00.000Z

Not only does Afterlife make dealing with a player’s board presence difficult, but the Spirits can offer a ton of pressure. Depending on the number following Afterlife, you can obtain more than one Spirit when that creature dies. Keep in mind, that creature has to hit the graveyard, so if you exile it then the mechanic will not trigger.

Here are the two preview cards with the Afterlife mechanic:

Ravnica Alliance Tithe Taker

Tithe Taker is the obvious star of these two cards, as the one-sided tax will certainly disrupt control decks. The low casting cost will also force your opponent in the early game to make some tough choices about what to counter. We also suspect that Afterlife will be a hit in Commander, especially with token decks like Teysa, Orzhov Scion. While we still don’t know the full power of the Afterlife cards, this may be one of the most potent mechanics in the new set.

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