MTG Ravnica Allegiance Release Date, Cards & More

Ravnica Allegiance Release Date

The second set in the new Ravnica block is just around the corner, so it’s time to dive in and see what secrets we can uncover. Dubbed “Ravnica Allegiance,” this Magic: The Gathering set will focus on the five remaining Guilds that were absent in the Guilds of Ravnica set. Those groups are Gruul, Rakos, Azorius, Orzhov, and Simic, all of which will be included in Ravnica Allegiance.

There’s a lot of information to go through, so here’s everything you need to know about the Ravnica Allegiance set.

(Author’s Note: We will be adding more to this feature as new information is released.)

Ravnica Allegiance Release Date

If you want to get your hands on this set as soon as possible, Ravnica Allegiance will release on January 25. However, you can try the set a bit earlier via the pre-release event which takes place between January 19-20.

Ravnica Allegiance Price

Unlike sets such as Ultimate Masters, Ravnica Allegiance is a moderately priced set. If you’re looking to pre-order this set you shouldn’t need to pay more than $120. Booster Boxes are currently selling online for around $94.99 to $102. Due to the massive printing of the Ravnica sets, users shouldn’t expect a massive spike in prices.

Along with the typical Booster Packs and Fat Packs, Wizards of the Coast will be testing a new “Collector’s Booster” for this set. Priced at $12.99, this special package is only available in Japan and the United States. Included in the Collector’s Booster are 10 Uncommons, 3 Rares/Mythics, and 2 foils of any rarity.

Ravnica Allegiance Mechanics

Five new mechanics will be introduced with Ravnica Allegiance, each of which will be tied to a specific Guild. Over the coming week, Wizards of the Coast will explain each of these new mechanics. At the time of writing this, only the new Rakdos ability has been revealed.

Rakdos Mechanic – Spectacle

Rakdos Mechanic Spotlight: SpectacleIt's always been about one thing for the Cult of Rakdos – Spectacle! Learn about this mechanic from Ravnica Allegiance, then play with this deliciously good mechanic when Ravnica Allegiance releases January 25!2018-12-17T15:45:01.000Z

The new mechanic for Rakdos is called Spectacle. An alternate mana cost ability, players can only pay the Spectacle cost if an opponent lost life during that turn. This is clearly a mechanic designed for aggressive decks, allowing them to take advantage of the additional benefits that spectacle cards offer.

Orzhov Mechanic – Afterlife

Orzhov Mechanic Spotlight: AfterlifeOh, you didn't think that just because you died your obligations to the Orzhov ended, did you? The Afterlife mechanic ensures that is not the case. Fulfill your obligation to the Orzhov when Ravnica Allegiance releases January 25.2018-12-18T15:45:00.000Z

The Orzhov mechanic is Afterlife and it revolves around putting creatures into the graveyard. When a creature with Afterlife dies, the controller will put a 1/1 Black and White Spirit with flying onto the battlefield.

Simic Mechanic – Adapt

Simic Mechanic Spotlight: AdaptAdapt to your surroundings with the Simic and Zegana. Swim with the Simic, then, ahem, adapt to your new surroundings when Ravnica Allegiance releases January 25!2018-12-19T15:45:01.000Z

The Simic’s new ability is called “Adapt” and it revolves around giving your creatures +1/+1 counters. Players can only Adapt a creature if they have no +1/+1 counters on them, which is similar to the Monstrosity mechanic from Theros. However, if your creature loses those counters then you can Adapt again to regain them. This gives the Simic a bit more flexibility since it’s a repeatable ability.

Gruul Mechanic – Riot


Looking to play a bit more aggressive? The Gruul’s new mechanic is Riot and it allows players to have a creature enter the battlefield with either a +1/+1 counter or Haste. This gives the Gruul a bit more versatility, while still remaining true to their general theme. We also suspect that the Gruul cards will synergize nicely with those from the Simic Combine. If you’re looking to get aggressive during the pre-release than this is your Guild.

Azorious Mechanic – Addendum

Azorius Mechanic Spotlight: AddendumPer order 837.26.1278, we have released the instructions for Addendum, the Azorius Mechanic in Ravnica Allegiance. Ravnica Allegiance releases January 25. You will comply with the order to learn more.2018-12-21T16:31:08.000Z

The last new mechanic in Ravnica Allegiance is Addendum. Tied to the Azorious Guild, this new ability allows players to squeeze extra value out of their spells. When a card with Addendum is cast during your main phase, players will gain an additional ability via Addendum. There’s no solitary effect with Addendum as it can do everything from gaining life to putting a permanent into play.

Ravnica Allegiance Cards

Currently, only a few cards have been spoiled for Ravnica Allegiance. This set will boast 259 cards, not including the unique cards tied to the Planeswalker decks or the Buy-a-Box promo. Here is a look at the new promo cards, along with where to earn each one during the Ravnica Allegiance release.

The Haunt of Hightower – Buy-a-Box 

The Haunt of Hightower Ravnica Allegiance

Rakdos Firewheeler – Magic Open House (January 12-13)

Ravnica Allegiance Rakdos Firewheeler

Simic Ascendancy – Draft Weekend  (January 26-27)

Ravnica Allegiance Simic Ascendancy

Gate Colossus – Win 10 Magic League  Matches

Ravnica Allegiance Gate Colossus

Lavinia, Azorious Renegade – Top finishers during Ravnica Weekend

Mortify – Friday Night Magic

Ravnica Allegiance Mortify

Growth Spiral – Friday Night Magic

Light Up the Stage – Friday Night Magic

Along with these promo cards, two Rakdos focused cards have been spoiled via the new Spectacle mechanic video. We suspect that only a few more cards will be revealed over the coming week, with the main spoilers coming out sometime after the holiday season. Given we are more than a month away from Ravnica Allegiance, there is still a lot of time for Wizards of the Coast to show off their newest set.

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