Pokemon Go Heatran: Max CP & Stats

pokemon go heatran max cp


The Laval Dome Pokemon Heatran is now available in Pokemon Go, according to Niantic.

The Legendary Pokemon will be available to fight in Raid Battles from now until January 15th at 1:00 p.m. PST.

If you’ve already caught Heatran, you may be wondering what its max CP and stats are. You may even be wondering if it’s worth using your precious Stardust to power it up. Well look no further.

Note: Stats found on GamePress.

Max CP at Level 40: 3754
Max CP at Level 25: 2681
Max CP at Level 20: 2145

Attack: 251
Defense: 213
Stamina: 209

Here’s a chart from user SwayzOr5000 on The Silph Road Subreddit detailing which CP values indicate which IV values for Heatran:

Heatran is a fire- and steel-type Pokemon. According to GamePress, it has the Quick Moves Bug Bite and Fire Spin along with the Charge Moves Fire Blast, Iron Head and Stone Edge.

It is resistant to a whopping ten types. It resists dragon-, flying-, normal-, and psychic-type moves and double resists bug-, fairy-, grass-, ice-, poison-, and steel-type moves. It is weak to fighting- and water-type moves and double weak to ground-type moves.

Is Heatran worth powering up? Absolutely. According to GamePress, Heatran is tied with Moltres as the fire-type Pokemon with the highest attack stat in the game. Unfortunately, Moltres’ Overheat is superior to Heatran’s Fire Blast. However, Heatran has significantly higher defenses and better resistances. That combined with its high attack makes it the best bulky fire-type in the game, beating Entei and Ho-Oh who fill similar roles.

Heatran should use the moves Fire Spin and Fire Blast primarily. Bug Bite has no use on Heatran as Fire Spin has the highest DPS of all fire-type Quick Moves according to GamePress. It also pairs wonderfully with Fire Blast. For a secondary Charge Move, you can pick either Iron Head or Stone Edge as both will let you counter Pokemon not covered by fire-type attacks. Iron head will let you counter rock- and fairy-type Pokemon while Stone Edge will let you counter fire- and flying-type Pokemon.

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