How to Unlock Simon in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Unlock Simon

Simon is one of the newest characters added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and he’s looking to bring his monster hunting skills to Nintendo’s fighting game. If you want to obtain this character then you’ll need to play quite a few matches before he appears.

In order to obtain Simon, you’ll have to play Classic Mode a minimum of four times. Characters are tied to certain fighters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, meaning you can only obtain Simon after unlocking King K Rool and Ice Climbers. After these characters have been unlocked you can beat Classic Mode with Link, King K Rool, or Ice Climbers to force Simon to appear.

However, if you lose to Ice Climbers or King K Rool, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will temporarily disable their ability to appear. This means if you lost to Ice Climbers and try to obtain them again right away, Simon will appear instead since he’s next in line. Refer to the table below to know the order of the fighters in Link’s branch.

King K Rool Ice Climbers Simon Meta Knight
Diddy Kong Duck Hunt Snake

Simon will also appear eventually as you just finish normal matches, but this is a much slower method. He is the 18th fighter to appear, however, this number may change based on what other characters you’ve unlocked. You can also unlock Simon via the World of Light campaign by finding him in the Temple of Light Zone. To reach this fighter, you have to bring down all the barriers by hitting the three different colored switches.

After you are challenged by Simon, just defeat him to instantly add this fighter your roster.

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