Dead by Daylight’s Legion Receives Buff With New Patch

dead by daylight legion buff

It’s already time for a mid-chapter patch in Dead by Daylight and a small, but impactful, change has been made to give the Legion a little bit more viability.

Although the Legion has been out for a little bit now it’s hard to find out exactly where he falls into the current meta and killer tiers due to the fact he isn’t done receiving changes just yet.

The PTB is live and on that build the Legion no longer has his Frenzy gauge deplete totally if you decide to end the state manually. This will instantly help the Legion feel more useful as he’ll be able to vault windows and pallets with more consistently which should help drag him from the lower tiers.

The Pig also received some changes which will help her get more points. Her current was to get Deviousness points comes from putting traps on survivors and landing dash attacks. The dash attacks have never been the easiest to land so now BHVR has buffed the points you get for landing them from 250 to 500.

Here’s a look at the changes made to both the Pig and Legion:


  • Manually ending Frenzy no longer depletes the remainder of your Power gauge.
  • Reduced the intensity of the blurred VFX during Frenzy.


  • Adjusted the Combat Straps add-on in accordance to the crouch duration change, decreased value from 1 second to 0.3 seconds.
  • Changed the Terror Radius fade time for when crouching / uncrouching to fade in ~4 seconds, down from 6.6 seconds.
  • Decreased the base crouch and uncrouch duration from 2 seconds to 1.3 seconds.
  • Increased Terror Radius from 28 meters to 32 meters.


  • Hit during dash attack: increased from 250 to 500.
  • Initiate dash attack: increased from 50 to 100.

These changes aren’t live in the official game just yet but unless changes are made before the official launch these are the changes we’ll be seeing in a week or two. You can read the rest of the PTB patch notes here.

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