How to Get the Jotunn Exotic Weapon in Destiny 2

destiny 2 jotunn

The next round of content for the Black Armory DLC in Destiny 2 arrived yesterday and it brought two more Exotic weapons. Along with the fourth forge, the Jotunn fusion rifle and Izanagi’s Burden are now obtainable. While the latter is tied to a pretty lengthy quest, the Jotunn will rely on a bit of luck.

You can get the Jotunn when you create a weapon via a Powerful Frame in the new Bergusia Forge. Like Le Monarque, this weapon will be a random drop for anyone who converts a Powerful Weapon Frame into a gun at the Bergusia Forge. This means, you will only have 6 chances a week to get Jotunn, since Ada-1 only hands out two Ballistic Logs per character.

Remember, you have to craft the weapons at the Bergusia Forge, otherwise, it will not count and you run the risk of getting Le Monarque instead. Keep in mind the Bergusia Forge has a recommend Light of 650, so make sure you are close to this number. The boss itself isn’t difficult, but the first two waves can be tricky if you’re under leveled.

It may take a few weeks, but you should be rocking the Jotunn in no time. Given how powerful this fusion rifle is, it is worth trying to obtain.

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