How to Save in Resident Evil 2 Remake

resident evil 2 remake save typewriter

Resident Evil 2 has finally arrived and it’s looking to bring some old school terror to a new generation of players. While other horror franchises and games adapt their gameplay mechanics, Resident Evil 2’s remake keeps many of the old school design choices. One of these is how to save your game, which is tied to the various typewriters around the map.

Just like other titles in this series, Resident Evil 2 requires players to manually save their games at a typewriter. These can be found in various safe areas around Racoon City and will give you an Interact prompt when you approach them. There is also an autosave feature, but the checkpoints are very scarce and usually only after major events such as boss battles. Keep in mind you are not limited in your saves, so there’s no harm in frequently saving as you progress through Resident Evil 2.

Most places you find typewriters will also have some items for you to collect, notes, and item box. This makes any safe room you find incredibly important since managing your inventory can be very tricky.  You’ll know it’s okay when Leon or Clair lower their weapons.

For those playing on the hardest difficulty, you will have to use ink ribbons to save and there is a small supply of them. This makes managing your saves imperative since you could run out before the game is even close to the end. There is no autosave function for those who play on the hardest difficulty in Resident Evil 2, so good luck!

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