How to Download Apex Legends on PC

Apex Legends PC Download


Apex Legends is the newest battle royale game to hit the market.

The game dropped on February 4 with zero marketing but has still done a good job making a dent in the market, at least so far.

Apex Legends managed to reach one million unique players in just eight hours, which is impressive no matter how you slice it.

A lot of this may be due to practically every Twitch streamer playing it on release day, whether it was sponsored or not.

Another factor that helps is the fact it is free-to-play and on multiple platforms.

If you’re looking to find out where download Apex Legends on PC then you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re on Xbox One or PS4 then you’ll be able to head to your respective store and download the game there.

However, if you’re on PC, things won’t be quite as simple as you’ll need to download a new launcher for the game.

One thing to know about EA games on PC is they generally won’t be found on Steam anymore, at least not the newer ones.

Instead, you’ll have to head to Origin, EA’s PC games platform. From here you’ll be able to scroll through all of the EA-published titles and find Apex Legends in there.

There has been an arms race of sorts on PC when it comes to launchers as of late.

Steam is still the top dog but there are now competitors in Discord, GOG, Bethesda, Origin and Epic Games.

If Apex Legends ends up being a hit then you can chalk a major victory up to EA, despite the fact Origin has existed for quite some time now.

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