Is the Apex Legends Starter Pack Worth It?

Apex Legends Starter Pack Worth it

Apex Legends is the newest battle royale game to release and it’s taking the gaming world by storm. Completely free-to-play, players can enjoy Apex Legends without spending a single dime. However, for those with deeper pockets, you’re free to either purchase an in-game currency known as Apex Coins or one of two bundles. While we’ve already broken down whether the Founder’s Pack is worth your money, this time we’re looking at the much cheaper Starter Pack.

Priced at a conservative $4.99, this pack gifts players 600 Apex Coins, the Blue Fade RE-45 weapon skin, and the Feeding Frenzy badge. Looking just at the coins, you are getting a little more than $5 worth from just these. Every 100 coins are worth a dollar, so the Starter Pack gives players an extra 100 for free. Even though this isn’t enough to purchase any cosmetic items with, you can spend them on Apex Packs.

pex Legends Starter Pack Badge

The weapon skin for the RE-45 looks fantastic, it’s just a shame that the skin is only for the RE-45. Since most players don’t use a pistol unless they absolutely have too, this item is a bit of an underwhelming choice. As for the badge, it’s pretty cute, but once you start unlocking other ones there’s a pretty big chance you’ll stop using the Starter icon.

Ultimately, the Starter Pack isn’t bad if you just want to earn a free skin and 100 additional Apex Coins for $5. Purchasing this should be treated as if you’re buying a smaller bundle of coins and not a ton of cosmetics. Even though the cosmetics are a nice addition, we only recommend this pack to people who just need more Apex Coins or to those who really enjoy using the RE-45.

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