How to Unlock the Cosmic Silverback in Call of Duty Blackout

Call of Duty Blackout Cosmic Silverback

The latest season for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 starts later today and it’s bringing a host of new content. Dubbed Operation Grand Heist, developer Treyarch is bringing a host of new cosmetics, weapons, maps, and characters for players to unlock in Blackout. One of the weirdest is the Cosmic Silverback, which is a reference to a previous Call of Duty Zombie map. While unlocking this character is quite simple, you’ll need to fork over some real money if you want him.

To unlock the Cosmic Silverback you need to purchase the Black Ops Pass. This will give you instant access to this character when the new season begins later today. Like the Shadowman and Reaper, this Blackout character is solely tied to the Black Ops Pass. If you do not own the pass then you cannot unlock and play this character.

Keep in mind, the Cosmic Silverback will first be available on February 19 for PS4. If you play on PC or Xbox One then you’ll need to wait until February 26. Along with the Cosmic Silverback, players can also obtain the new Specialist – Outrider – for Blackout. Unlocking Outrider simply requires you to reach Tier one in the new Operation. This shouldn’t take long and unlocking her for Blackout also makes her available in the normal multiplayer.

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