How to Destroy Caustic’s Traps in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Destroy Caustic Traps

There are a lot of little details in Apex Legends, so it’s easy to overlook how players can interact with other legend’s abilities. One of the easiest is Caustic, whose traps can be quite deadly if you don’t know how to play around them. Thankfully, it’s actually possible to destroy his traps without detonating them once they are deployed.

In order to destroy Caustic’s traps, just shoot the base under the red line. This will cause them to deflate and no longer activate when you get close. Doing this can seriously disable Caustic’s ability to control the battlefield and stop him from trapping you in a room. If you blast any part above the red line it will actually puncture the balloon and release the poison gas around it.

Caustic will not be alerted about his trap being destroyed unless he notices it missing on his mini-map or the outline of it vanishing. However, if you’re unlucky and do take some damage from his trap then he will know. Regardless of where you are on the map, if Caustic’s trap goes off and hurts a foe he will start receiving tick markers on his HUD.

We strongly recommend avoiding or destroying any traps he leaves behind. While the gunshots might alert that player, it’s better than being blinded or hurt. Additionally, the Caustic player can destroy his traps this way if necessary, but we suggest just manually picking them up.

Finally, you cannot destroy a Caustic trap once it has been triggered. If there is gas pouring out of it, you’ll just have to wait until the poison vanishes. When fighting against Caustic, we suggest sticking to open environments and trying to avoid any buildings. He is exceedingly powerful in confined spaces, so deny him the ability to disorientate you in a firefight.

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