5 Dragons: Titan Uprising Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

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The animated world of How to Train Your Dragon is appreciated by many.

Young and old folks alike have flocked to theaters to watch the adventures of the lovable humans and dragons that inhabit each film. On the mobile side of things, a new match-three puzzler/RPG brings that world to fans in a playable format.

Dragons: Titan Uprising is easy to play, but hard to master. You’ll need to figure out the right teams to bring into battle, what battle tactics to rely on, and the right approaches to training your fiery lizards. Our tips guide will provide you with the info you need to dominate the unfriendly skies!

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Dragons: Titan Rising:

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1. Before You Head into Battle, Take Note of Dragons Who Appose You and Build Your Team Accordingly

Dragons Titan Uprising


• Before you head out on your next adventure, study every piece of info on the pre-battle screen. Check out the strength and weakness icons in the top left corner and study the recommended dragon type notification in the top right corner. You should include at least one dragon that sticks to the recommended dragon type for the current battle.

• Be sure to put a team together that outnumbers the power value of the rival team at all times. Your team should always have a dragon that can utilize a healing ability of some kind. And finally, your team of five should consist of dragons that each represent a different class. It’s best to cover all your bases just in case you encounter a dragon that’s weaker than one of the non-recommended dragons you have.

2. Activate Matches That are Right Underneath Enemy Dragons and Take Advantage of Special Pieces

Dragons Titan Uprising


• In order to deal damage to the enemy dragons you come across, you need to make matches right underneath them. These matches send up damage dealing rockets to whichever dragon happens to be floating right above it. Making these matches in the middle of the board when all three dragons are present is a good battle tactic – they take up all the airspace, so any matches you make then have a higher chance of landing.

• Once you’re down to a dragon on the left and a dragon on the right, concentrate on making matches in either direction. Don’t waste your time making matches that have no chance of reaching them. If worse comes to worse, just use any of your dragons’ offensive abilities to land a direct hit.

Dragons Titan Uprising


• Don’t forget – making matches fills the special ability gauge of the color associated with that match. If you can create matches that are capable of KO’ing the first wave of enemies, then save your dragons’ special abilities for the upcoming wave. Going into the next battle encounter with all of your dragons’ direct attacks ready to go is always a winning strategy.

• You’re not just relegated to making three-rune matches, by the way. Matching four runes together creates a rune that can either wipe out a row or column of gems in the direction its pointing towards. An L-shaped or T-shaped rune match produces a bomb rune that can clear out any nearby runes in a square formation.

• And finally, matching five runes in a row or column formation creates an extra special rune. Once activated, this rune clears out all of the runes on the board that adheres to its color affiliation. So if your special rune was produced by matching five blue runes, it can make all the current blue runes on the board disappear. All of these special runes can create even bigger matching combos for you!

3. Train Your Best Dragons by Feeding Them Fish and by Sacrificing Your Weaker Dragons to Boost Their Stats

• Once you add a new dragon to your collection, leveling them up to their more powerful incarnation can easily be done by feeding them some fish. Afterwards, the only way to upgrade an already improved dragon is by sacrificing another dragon to them.

• You should stick to sacrificing the weaker dragons in your collection and making sure the dragon you’re about to sacrifice is of the same element of the one you’re trying to strengthen. So if you’re looking to upgrade your best red dragon, give up a weaker red dragon to make that happen.

4. Draft Some New Dragons to Your Noble Cause!

Dragons Titan Uprising


• As you complete stages, you’ll end up gaining a reward for completing certain ones. One of the best items you can acquire just for beating a stage is a Draft ticket. Draft tickets allow you to recruit new Dragons to your team. Every six hours, you can pick up a new dragon for free from the Basic Dragon Draft menu. You can also use the Green Runes you get from completing stages and opening Viking Chests to recruit new dragons as well.

5. Pay a Visit to Your Home to Collect All Types of Goodies

Dragons Titan Uprising


• Your base of operations is home to several unlockable elements. As you attain new player levels, these extra buildings become available to you – each of them opens up a new mode or job of some kind. You can pick up extra coins and fish by the production centers placed within your home. You can head out on Quests and pick up the speciality goods you need in order to train and acquire dragons.

• Any time you get your hands on an egg, you can send it to the hatchery and wait for it to hatch. Your hatchlings end up being new dragons every time! You can produce powerful Crossbreed dragons at the Breedery by pairing any of your dragons together.

• And finally, you can complete Duties in order to gain extra fish and keys – the keys are mainly used to unlock Viking Chests, which are full of extra rewards. Be sure to check out the player levels associated with unlocking each part of your home and the additional upgrades that come with them.

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