Fortnite Season 8, Week 1 Secret Battle Star Location

Fortnite Season 8 Week 1 Secret Battle Star

Ther first Secret Battle Star location for Fortnite’s Season 8 has been uncovered. Leaked by Lucasu7Yoshi on Twitter, the week 1 loading screen embraces the pirate theme. Thankfully, this location is very easy to find, even with the massive changes to the map. Remember, you can only get the Week 1, Season 8 Secret Battle Star by complete all the challenges.

You can find the Week 1 Secret Battle Star on top of the tower in Lazy Lagoon. When you land, aim for the tower in the small village beside the pirate ship. At the very top, you’ll find the Secret Battle Star waiting for you. Keep in mind, this is a free tier so make sure to grab it when you can!

This Battle Star will only appear after you have completed every Week 1 challenge. Thankfully, these are pretty easy and won’t require a ton of work on your end. A lot of them simply revolve around exploring the map and engaging in new mechanics such as the Volcano Vents.

Additionally, you can always enable the Party Assist feature which allows players to enlist their teammates to help complete challenges. While this is completely optional, it will certainly make completing Fortnite’s Weekly and Daily challenges much easier. If you are struggling at all, consider turning on this mode.

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