Every Havoc Legendary Skin in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Havoc Legendary Skins

The newest gun for Apex Legends has officially released and like other weapons, it boasts a ton of new skins. Called the Havoc Rifle, this Energy Rifle boasts one of the highest damage-per-shot in the entire game. Plus, it can be equipped with two different Hop-Ups, each of which drastically changes the effects of this gun.

Like all the other weapons in the game, the Havoc boasts Legendary skins that drastically changes how the gun looks. So far there are only two gold skins for the gun, all of which can be obtained via Apex Packs or via purchasing them through the Crafting Metals currency. If this gun’s skin also becomes available in the game’s store then you’ll be able to purchase it for Apex Coins.

Here’s a look at the new Legendary skins for the Havoc:

Sonic Empire

Havoc Legendary Skin

Quantum Chaos

Apex Legends Havoc Skin

For the unfamiliar, the Havoc is the first new gun introduced into Apex Legends. This full-auto assault rifle can transform into a charged hitscan beam via the Select Fire Hop Up. The Havoc is not found in supply drops and is scattered throughout the world like other weapons. If you do want to use this gun, make sure to grab as much Energy Ammo as possible since it will burn through your reserves quickly.

The Havoc is currently live on Apex Legends for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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