How to Kill the Spiders in Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus Spiders

There are a lot of mutants scattered throughout Russia’s irradiated wasteland in Metro Exodus and some are truly nightmarish. One of these terrifying mutants are the giant spiders that roam dark locations in The Caspian Sea and The Taiga. They are quite dangerous and typically attack in groups, making them difficult to manage.

Thankfully, they have a pretty big weakness that can be easily exploited. All spiders are incredibly weak to any type of light, as it will burn their skin. It doesn’t matter if the light comes from your lighter, a torch, or your flashlight. Once a spider comes into contact with the light they will begin to visibly burn up and eventually flip onto their back.

Once they flip on their back, either keep the light on them until they die or just shoot them. It takes roughly 15-20 seconds of sustained light to kill a spider and they usually skitter off if the light is on them for too long. This forces you to either chase them or pick a new target, which can be tricky given your flashlight only covers 180 degrees.

A trick we found to easily secure kills against spiders is to back yourself into a corner and listen for the skittering of spiders to get louder. Once they’re right on you, pop the light and shine it on them. This will usually give you enough time to either damage or seriously weaken a spider so you can finish it off. Remember to use corners when fighting spiders since you they will attack you from behind if there’s no light there.

Remember, you can charge your flashlight while holding it and your bullet lighter will also scare them off if they get to close. Don’t bother wasting ammo on them until they either take a lot of burn damage or flip onto their backs. They can take a lot of damage, so don’t waste your bullets. Finally, Molotov cocktails are your best friends when encountering these mutant bugs. Not only does the fire cause light damage, but it quickly kills entire groups.