How to Get the Live Die Live Badge in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Live Die Live

A new, exclusive badge and a small collection of cosmetics items are officially available for Apex Legends. Tied to the Valentine’s Day celebration, players can now purchase a brand new banner and weapon skin using Apex Coins. For those unwilling to spend money, developer Respawn Entertainment is offering the Live Die Live badge to all players who complete a single task between now and February 19.

In order to unlock the Live Die Live badge, all you have to do is revive or fully respawn an ally before the event ends. This is exceptionally easy, regardless if you’re playing with friends or by yourself. You only need to do this once, so make sure to pick up the first person on your team that goes down.

However, if you are having trouble with obtaining this badge, consider playing Lifeline. Her passive ability allows her to not only revive players faster, but she produces a protective shield when doing it. You could also just have a friend down themselves with a grenade and pick them up since the badge doesn’t specify that an enemy needs to knock them to the ground.

For those wanting a bit more bling, the Through the Heart weapon skin and Love of the Game banner are only unlocked via Apex Coins. These each cost 1,100 Apex Coins, which is roughly $11 USD. The only issue is, in order to obtain that main coins you have to pay a minimum of $20. So unless you have some extra cash to spend, just focus on getting the Live Die Live badge instead.

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