Every Pirate Camp Location in Fortnite (Season 8)

Fortnite Pirate Camps Season 8

The first week of Season 8 challenges for Fortnite have officially arrived and they are thankfully quite easy. While most revolve around dealing damage, killing foes, or opening chests, one requires players to visit 7 different pirate camps. Scattered throughout the map, these camps are small forts and bases that the pirates have set up. You can distinguish them by the black flag with the white octopus flying near the camp.

We will update this as more pirate camps are discovered throughout Fortnite. Here are the pirate camp locations we currently know about:

  • E2 – A wooden fort overlooking the river 
  • E5 – South a Loot Lake, on the border or F5
  • H4 – Halfway up the volcano you should see a small fort
  • B4 – West of Pleasant Park at the end of a small trail
  • C6 – Southwest of Tilted Towers in the snow region
  • H7 – By the broken bridge northwest of Paradise Palms
  • E8 – On a mountain between Salty Springs and Fatal Field 

The camps only have a moderate amount of loot, so don’t expect to be fully stocked up. We recommend visiting and completing this challenge in Soaring 50s. This will allow you to still hit the camps, without being pressured for supplies early on.

If you are having trouble finding these camps, remember you can enable the Party Assist feature in the challenge menu. This allows you to have people in your party help finish challenges. While finding the pirate camps is quite simply, having the option to enlist a buddy to complete this challenge can speed the process up significantly.

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