Dead by Daylight Killer Tier List


From the outside looking in, Dead by Daylight might seem like a fun game to play with friends and relax in but you’d be pretty mistaken if you think that’s all it is.

There is an ever-shifting meta complete with buffs and nerfs coming in every patch in an effort to make the game feel fresh.

With numerous killers now in the game, there’s a lot of variety for players to choose from and it can be quite hard to choose for beginners. Unfortunately not all the killers are as strong as the others so we’re taking the time to compile the tiers for all of the killers.

Author’s Note: New killers might take longer to show up on the list as we want to see if any nerfs or buffs come in before adding them to the list.

Tier 1


Dead by Daylight Nurse

The Nurse remains one of the best.

The Nurse is often called a “broken killer” and that’s due to her ability to be downright unstoppable in the right hands. The Nurse has insane map control and her ability to catch survivors is unmatched. Her blinks allow her to cover a ton of ground and also shift through objects such as pallets.

For beginners though she will be a tough killer to use. Her blinks aren’t really the easiest thing to control and survivors can dodge a beginner pretty easily. If you miss your blinks you’ll just be left there limp for a couple of seconds, giving the survivor ample time to escape. However, once you get some practice under your belt and learn your blinks you’ll become a top tier Nurse in no time.

Despite a nerf to her add-ons, don’t get it twisted, the Nurse still remains in the upper echelon of killers.


Hillbilly Dead by Daylight

The Hillbilly is still insanely powerful.

The Hillbilly is oftentimes the first killer a player tries out but it seems like they don’t realize he is also one of the best. The Hillbilly has both excellent map control and a constant threat with his chainsaw.

Despite a nerf, he’s still one of the best killers in the game and it’s easy to see why so many players at the higher level like to gravitate towards him.

The Hillbilly is able to zip across the map with his chainsaw and also 1-shot survivors if he makes contact with them making him an effective killer all across the board. His chainsaw can be hard to maneuver but with add-ons, he becomes a threat in anyone’s hands.


Huntress Dead by Daylight

BHVRThe Huntress has a ranged attack so she’s great.

It was hard to choose between Tier 1 and Tier 2 for Huntress but we decided to put her in the first tier just because of her ranged attack. The Huntress is able to hit long-range hatchets and when paired with the perk BBQ & Chili she has the potential to really pull off some sick throws.

While she doesn’t have a whole lot of speed she makes up for it with range. She is able to effectively counter pallets by tossing a hatchet over them once they are dropped so the survivors never truly feel safe. She has a high skill ceiling with her hatchets but practice makes perfect.


The Spirit Dead by Daylight

BHVR*insert phasing noise*

This was a hard killer to place since she came into the game a little weak but then received buffs to help make her more viable.

The Spirit has excellent map control and an insane ability to mind game which makes her among the stronger killers in the game. She’s not quite Hillbilly or Nurse level but she’s not far behind.

Her lack of a one-shot hurts her here but she is able to sneak up on unsuspecting survivors with ease. She is weak in chases as she has slow movement speed and her phasewalk has a lengthy cooldown.

Lately, more and more players have realized how powerful the Spirit really is, and she has gained in popularity immensely.

Tier 2

Michael Myers (The Shape)

The Shape Killer Tier List

BHVRDon’t get stalked.

Myers is a killer many fans were excited to see enter the game and he comes in first on our list of Tier 2 killers. His playstyle revolves around Evil Within and his stalking. Myers has a tiny terror radius when he first starts that will grow as he stalks but he will also gain power.

There’s a lot of variety with the builds you run as Myers as you can choose to be stealthy to go full homicidal. Evil Within 3 downs survivors in 1-hit so he has strong potential.

Given his versatility, we have him at tier 2, but there can be an argument for placing him lower, especially if you’re a high rank player.


The Doctor Dead by Daylight Killer Tier List (1)

BHVRThe Doctor is in.

The Doctor chooses to give survivors Shock Therapy or to Punish them, even though neither of them are really good for their overall health.

The Shock Therapy stuns survivors so they won’t be able to drop pallets or vault through windows for a short period of time. It’s also very hard to stealth against him so he causes many players to play out of their comfort zones. Players will scream out and alert the Doctor to their position if they’re afraid.


The Legion Dead by Daylight Killer Tier List

BHVRWhat Legion is after you?

This was a hard killer to place because it can be argued the Legion is more annoying than good.

His power really shines when he is able to slash a group of survivors, forcing them to all run away from doing objectives in order to mend themselves before they bleed out.

Legion is also able to vault pallets, but it’s pretty easy to counter a Legion player if you’re a good survivor by just never healing to full health. The Legion is a slow killer so he’s easily looped, forcing him to use his power more than he’d like to.

He’s going into Tier 2 because he does seem to upset a lot of survivor players meaning he isn’t at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to killers. He’s also a killer many players choose when they want to earn bloodpoints in a hurry.

Freddy Krueger  (The Nightmare)

Freddy Dead by Daylight

BHVRThe Nightmare has been fixed.

Freddy doesn’t suck anymore! Not only isn’t he bad, but he’s actually quite strong.

The new and improved Freddy has excellent map control considering he is able to teleport himself to and from generators across the map and Self Care is no longer his biggest weakness.

He’s able to completely dominate survivors who are stuck in the Dream World with snares and fake pallets. The only thing keeping him from tier one in our eyes is his lack of a one-shot down.


Ghostface Dead by Daylight Killer Tier list

Ghostface has the ability to teabag.

If we include Michael Myers in tier two then it would only make sense if we do the same to Ghostface.

Ghostface is able to stalk survivors the same way Myers can, but survivors are able to break him out of it by looking at him.

He has a reliable one-shot down which makes him a dangerous killer to go against and he’s able to teabag back at survivors, what’s not to like?

Some streamers have been finding different ways to play him that don’t involve stalking but instead revolve around his ability to hide his red stain.


oni dead by daylight killer tier list

BHVROni can be devastating in the right hands.

This was a hard one to place because there are moments where this killer can be extremely powerful, but then situations where’s he just downright useless.

For skilled players who can turn those corners while his one-shot is active, then Oni is as deadly as it comes. For players who can’t quite nail that, you’re probably better off picking somebody else.

His Blood Fury ability is definitely the highlight of his kit, so if you’re able to gobble up enough blood orbs, he’ll be one of your favorite killers. There’s a learning curve to understanding how he works, so if you find yourself being stomped over and over, just give it some time.

Tier 3

Leatherface (The Cannibal)

Leatherface Dead by Daylight killer tier list

Bubba’s hungry.

Leatherface is a very fun character to play with and even has some trolly builds (Insidious Basement build anyone) but ultimately he finds himself in the third tier.

Leatherface is easily looped and really only finds his max potential with add-ons. His chainsaw does have multi-down potential but those situations are so few and far between that it’s hard to recommend playing him just for that. His chainsaw is also countered by hopping through windows and dropping pallets, effectively turning him into an M1 killer when dealing with talented survivors.

Leatherface features some of the best perks in the game with BBQ & Chili and Franklin’s Demise so he’s worth leveling just for that reason.


Trapper Dead by Daylight Killer Tier List


The Trapper was buffed recently but it didn’t really help him improve that much. He puts traps down quicker now but that doesn’t really help still. He takes a while to set up which is why he finds himself so low on our tier list.

These traps can be avoided by stealth and can even be disabled which puts him in a bad spot since the traps are what he relies on. To make matters worse the Trapper has to collect these traps so he is at a disadvantage to start. He can still be good in the right hands but doesn’t really see much play the further up in rank you go.


The Wraith Dead by Daylight Killer Tier List

Bing bong.

The Wraith is a popular killer for beginners because of how cool he seems with his ability to stealth and all. The reality is though is that even with his windstorm buff, he’s still not among the best killers. He’s fun to play as but still suffers from his need to uncloak.

The Wraith moves faster while cloaked but can only slug the survivors while uncloaked. The Wraith has to ring a bell to come out of his stealth which alerts survivors to his presence and gives them a head start on the chase. When you couple this with survivors running Lithe, Balanced Landing and Sprint Burst then you’re in for one hell of a chase.


The Pig Dead by Daylight Killer Tier List

BHVRWatch out for Amanda!

The Pig still sees a lot of play across all of the ranks due to her ability to slow the game down and her just being fun to play. By placing traps on the heads of survivors it slows the game down and forces them to do an extra objective before escaping. Her lunge attack is also pretty scary and unsuspecting.

Ultimately the Pig boils down to a cool killer but is still susceptible to pallet looping and long chases which is why she’s on our Tier 3 list. The traps do represent a nice counter to perks like Borrowed Time which is why it’s a nice little perk to have.

Pyramid Head

pyramid head dbd

BHVRPyramid Head is here.

Silent Hill fans will take any sort of content they can get at this point, which is why there was so much excitement for this new killer.

However, while he looks menacing, he’s actually not all that harmful to a survivor. He has a ranged attack that allows him to hit through walls, but it seems a bit like something that’s used more to bait survivors than something that is actually useful.

One cool thing he can do is send survivors to cages instead of having to hook them, but it’s a bit annoying to see a hook being so close to an exit gate during the end game collapse.

At the end of the day, there are worse killers and there are better ones. He’s fun to play as, but don’t expect to absolutely dominate every lobby.


Hag Dead by Daylight Killer Tier List

BHVRThe Hag loves to jumpscare you.

The Hag feels similar to the Trapper where she has to place traps in certain spots to truly be effective. When a survivor springs a trap, she is alerted and has the option to teleport to that spot to begin a chase.

Since she solely relies on the traps she doesn’t do well in chases and doesn’t have 1-shot potential making her a Tier 3 killer. She can still be fun to play and she’ll certainly be good for some jump scares on the newer players.


dead by daylight deathslinger release date


Once the initial appeal of a killer that takes advantage of your FPS skills wears off, there’s really not much else to this killer.

He does have the ability to rope in survivors and he is a lot of fun to play as, but the reality is there are many more killers better than him.

The reason he finds himself so far down is his learning curve is high and it feels like high-skilled players can counter him pretty easily. With the right build, he can be devasting and it’s very satisfying to hit survivors with the hook.

Tier 4


Dead by Daylight Plague Killer Tier List

Don’t get sick.

The Plague isn’t awful but she could very well be the least popular killer in the game. It’s a shame, really, because she has one of the best Moris out there.

What makes her tough is she’s still pretty easy to loop and she gets points at possibly the slowest rate than any other killer. She can be fine to play but there are many better options out there.

With that said, she does have one of the most annoying build possibilities if she pukes on every generator, so she has that going for her.


Clown Dead by Daylight Killer Tier List

The circus is back in town.

The Clown may have a way to slow down loops, but he can’t really do much to pressure generators. His potion can be thrown to slow survivors down, making for easier chases and it can also end one pretty quick too.

His Bamboozle perk also makes for some good fun while also ending chases quicker, but that’s one of the only reasons to actually play him. He’s fun to meme around with if you want to 1-shot survivors with his bottles, but outside of that, he’s quite outclassed by the other killers.


Demogorgon Dead by Daylight Killer Tier List (1)

BHVRWatch out for that lunge.

The Demogorgon is part of arguably the best chapter to ever arrive in Dead by Daylight. The Stranger Things chapter brought the new killer and survivors Steve and Nancy. The two survivors have solid perks, but unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the new killer.

What does help the Demogorgon is the fact it has good mobility across the map but it’s still not all that strong as a killer. It does have a lunge attack that can automatically break through pallets, but it can be difficult to land hits.

Even with the ability to cover huge amounts of distance in a hurry, this is a killer that somehow manages to have little gen pressure.

It’s not exactly the worst killer ever but it’s definitely one that will have a huge learning curve and if you’re just getting started, it will be hard to master this one.

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