5 Homescapes Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

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Austin the butler needs your assistance. And your aid will come in the form of some match-three puzzle solving.

The hit mobile puzzler known as Homescapes is all about home renovating. In order to spruce up Austin’s dusty old mansion, you’ll need to accumulate the stars needed to return it to its former glory. Those stars are only accessible through the completion of match-three puzzles with all sorts of main goals attached to them. We’ve spent dozens of hours solving these puzzles, adding new furniture to our humble abode, and following along with Austin’s familial journey. And along the way, we’ve acquired a few tips on how to make the most of your time with this addictive match-three puzzler.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Homescapes:

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1. Remain Idle for a Few Seconds and Let the Game Notify You of Awesome Matching Opportunites


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• Sooner or later, you’re going to find yourself in a position where you can’t find an easy match to make. The best thing to do in this instance is to simply wait a few seconds – remaining idle for a bit will cause the game to highlight the best match to make at the moment.

• Now you shouldn’t always activate this matching opportunity – if it’s just a simple three-piece match that comes up during one of the tougher levels, then seek out a four- or five-piece match instead. But if the game notifies you that a match that can produce a booster is possible, go ahead and take the game’s advice.

2. Boosters – How to Make ‘Em and the Stage Goals That Require Them the Most


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• The one item that will usually get you out of sticky situations are Boosters. There are Boosters you can create on the game board, boosters you can place on the board before a match, and boosters that come in handy as a last resort (those items are placed on the right side of the current level you’re playing).

• Rockets are created when you match four pieces in a row or a column. Upon activation, the Rocket will spread across the row or column its direction is pointing towards and clear out every piece in its path. Column matches create horizontal Rockets that can clear out a row, while row matches create vertical Rockets that can clear out a column. Bombs are created by matching five pieces together in an L shape – this booster causes a massive explosion that clears out any pieces in its blast radius.


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• Match four pieces in a square formation to create a Paper Plane – once activated, a Paper Plane will target the piece that needs to be cleared the most and take it off the board. And finally, the Rainbow Ball is created by matching five pieces in a row or column. When matched up with a piece, the Rainbow Ball proceeds to wipe out all the pieces on the board associated with that previous piece match.

• Now when it comes to the pre-level Boosters you can choose, the best one to go with is usually the Rainbow Ball or Double Paper Planes. The Rainbow Ball is efficient during every type of stage goal, while the Paper Planes are especially helpful during Cherry targeting levels. And once you’re down to your last five moves with the threat of losing coming ever so close to happening, tap into your other assorted Boosters. Those hammer Boosters are a godsend, aren’t they? They come in handy the most during grass-associated levels and levels with locked pieces.

3. Matching Boosters Together Works Like a Charm!


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• Sometimes it’s best if you try to create matches that end up pushing Boosters next to each other. Matching Boosters are capable of creating some incredible Super Boosters. Put two Rockets together to create multiple Rockets that can clear out a row and a column.

• Matching a Rocket or a Bomb with a Paper Plane ends up creating a Paper Plane that transports the Rocket or Bomb to its chosen piece. The best Booster match of all comes when you match a Rainbow Ball with any other Booster – this match creates multiple copies of that Booster and immediately activates it. If you end up matching two Rainbow Balls together, the whole stages even gets cleared of all pieces!

4. Once an Infinite Retry Booster is Active, Take Advantage of It!

• As you complete your daily goals and fill up the mission meter in your guide book, you’ll be gifted with gift boxes. These gift boxes award you with Boosters, of course. But the best reward of all comes in the form of an infinite retry. As soon as you get it, an infinite retry immediately goes to work by giving you 30-minutes of unlimited level completion chances.

• Take advantage of this opportunity by completing as many stages as you can. You should definitely try your hand at completing missions that require multiple stars when an infinite retry is active. Oh and don’t forget – play the game on a daily basis to make sure you get your usual login rewards. Seven days of constant puzzle solving will net you all the Boosters and extra goodies you desire.

5. Get Social Via Facebook ASAP!

Homescapes Game Tips

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• While Homescapes allows you to join a team upon reaching Level 36, chances are high that the best teams are already full of players. Instead of going the teams route to obtain free retries, just login to the game with your Facebook account to do so. Performing this action immediately grants you 1000 coins. Continuing to keep Homescapes attached to your Facebook account also helps you send/receive retries to your friends. Playing through the game without being social is simply not the way to go.

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