Dead by Daylight End Game Collapse Speeds Everything Up

Dead by Daylight End Game Collapse

BHVR Claudette was sacrificed by the Entity.

On April 18 Dead by Daylight revealed what it was working on behind the scenes.

It wasn’t a new map, killer, survivor or game mode but instead was a complete rework to the end game in the game as we know it.

Dead by Daylight will be putting an emphasis on improving the end game and moving things along at a much quicker pace. As a result, it seems like we’ll be losing hatch standoffs and survivors teabagging at the exit gates.

Instead, we’ll be getting a three-minute timer that will force survivors to escape or else they’ll be claimed by the entity which counts as a normal kill for a killer.

Survivors have a lot more to lose now

BHVR is calling the new mechanic the “End Game Collapse” and it is designed to force the game to a quicker ending.

The phase begins when the exit gates are opened or when the killer shuts the hatch, a new mechanic. The killer will also be able to open the exits now.

A progression bar shows up at the top once the countdown begins and it will slow down when a survivor is hooked or put into the dying state.

If survivors are left in the trial when the timer depletes, they will automatically be claimed by the entity through a brutal animation and die.

When one survivor remains, the hatch opens no matter how many generators have been repaired and all remaining generators are blocked.

Aren’t some killers and perks too strong now?

Dead by Daylight End Game

Jake might make it out. Spoiler: He doesn’t.

Dead by Daylight has some perks that will need to be reworked and looked at because of this new end game.

Bill’s perk Left Behind which increases generator repair speed when he is the only one left will need to be reworked since that will no longer apply.

The Pig is suddenly looking like a meta killer now with the changes as she has the traps that will prevent survivors from escaping.

Perks like Blood Warden and Remember Me look like they will be really powerful with these new changes so that will also be something to look forward to.

The End Game Collapse will be available with the next mid-chapter patch.

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