5 Idle Island – City Builder Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Idle Island City Builder

Robert Grzybek

Your mobile city needs you!

The new idle mobile game Idle Island – City Builder puts you in the role of a city builder/manager. While this task starts out on a pretty simple note, things get pretty hairy as your city gets a bit fuller. You’ll need to keep happy faces on your city’s denizens by building proper housing and making sure they have the vehicles needed to take them where they need to go. Besides those two tasks, there’s a whole bunch of other objectives to tend to as well. With this tips guide, you’ll become the most successful idle city builder of all time!

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Idle Island – City Builder:

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1. Mash That Red Invite Button Until the Meter is Empty! Or Do it Until A New Property Must be Purchased

Robert Grzybek

• Anytime you’re tasked with running a brand new city from scratch, you’ll usually have to follow the same road to success – go crazy by double tapping on the “invite citizens” button so you can fill up your new city. During the beginning of your new city construction, the game will notify you that it’s time to fulfill the needs of all those incoming citizens. The cost of putting up new buildings and putting more vehicles in your neighborhood is pretty low, so keeping your city dwellers happy shouldn’t be a tough task at the start of taking care of a new city.

• As you continually upgrade your city, you should make it a habit of mashing on that big red invite button until the meter empties out completely. Afterwards, stop tapping and continue adding new buildings/cars to your city until the invite meter fills up once again. Another instance in which you should stop frantically tapping on the invite button is when the game makes it clear that you need to add more apartments/vehicles to your space in order to keep your new city inhabitants happy. Keep this gameplay method in mind every time you unlock a new city space.


• On the bottom left of your screen is the “Research” button. Click on it and you’ll be presented with a huge list of varied common and rare research boosters. As you accumulate income, you can use some of it to upgrade any of your common boosters – once you pay for enough booster upgrades, another tier of even more beneficial boosters becomes unlockable. Take some time every now and then to pour a ton of money into each and every research upgrade currently available to you.

• If you have enough money to do so, upgrade your research boosters until you reach the next research booster tier. Once you’ve done that, switch focuses to another area of your city that needs your attention. As for the epic research boosters, you can acquire them from care packages via airplanes that fly over your city. These permanent research boosters don’t need any upgrades, so there’s no need to worry about financing them. We’ll provide more info on those airplanes and care packages in a bit, so sit tight!

3. Check Out Your Current Mission and Complete a Few Before You Log Off for the Day

• See that yellow percentage button in the top right corner of your screen? Tap on it to see what your current mission is. By completing missions, you’ll walk away with tons more cash and those ever so valuable red gems. Before you finish a long and grueling play session of this game, be sure to complete at least three or more of those missions. You’ll want to put in as much work as possible by completing a good amount of missions and being rewarded for doing so in a major way. You’re going to need as many free red gems as possible if you want to unlock some of those care packages, by the way!

4. Always Keep an Eye Out for Airplanes Flying Over Your City

• Ever notice how there’s always some sort of plane hovering over your city? Don’t let them escape your sight! Once you spot one, tap on it immediately. The box that it leaves behind is a care package – these special gift boxes contain a whole lot of cash and even a rare research booster! You should always keep a close eye to the sky for these generous airplanes. If you happen to have your eyes to the ground level of your city and spot the shadow left behind by one of those airplanes, that’s your signal to tap on an incoming plane!

5. Video Advertisements Aid Your City Building and Managing Progress in a Major Way

• One of the best parts about Idle Island – City Builder is the high number of freebies if gifts you with. You’ll be rewarded with random free gifts from time to time that are full of money or red gems. Other times, you’ll receive rare research boosters from the care packages left behind by passing airplanes. You’ll also be presented with the opportunity to earn some extra income simply by promoting your city on TV. Whenever this opportunity arrises, take advantage of it! All you gotta do is sit through a quick video advertisement. Simple, right?

• You’ll also want to watch video ads as much as possible on two other occasions. For the first one, watch five video ads in a row for the “Reklama TV” option – that way, you’ll get the full nine-hour time slot allotted to you that’s capable of doubling your income. Make sure you do this on a daily basis once the previous double income time limit expires (oh and don’t forget to claim your daily log-in prize, too!). As for the other instance, you should always empty out the time limit attached to some rare research packages by watching video ads. Don’t waste your red gems on packages that give you the video ad watching option – you should spend your red gems on unlocking the ones that don’t allow you to sit through video ads.

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