How to Unlock the Vortex Ability in RAGE 2

RAGE 2 Vortex Ark

There are a lot of powers and weapons in RAGE 2, but one of the most entertaining is the Vortex skill. When activated you will throw out a miniature black hole that sucks enemies towards it and spits them back out. Not only is this great for crowd control, but you can use it to leap into the air above your opponents.

This gives Vortex a lot of versatility, allowing you to manipulate the environment and enemies. However, the Vortex is not unlocked right away and it will require you to complete a quick side activity called an Ark. These mini-dungeons typically revolve around a single theme that allows you to experiment with your new weapon or power. The difficulty of the mission is displayed by the number of skulls under the name with 10 being the highest.

RAGE 2 Quake Hills Ark

To get the Vortex ability you need to complete the Quake Hill Ark located in the Twisting Canyons region. You can find this Ark along the cliffside northeast of Vineland at the end of a dirt road. There are no guards so just head inside and follow the linear path until you reach the abandoned Ark. The catwalk will break when you get to close, forcing you to use the unstable vortexes below the Ark.

Run down the hallway and approach the purple orb pulsating in front of you. Jump over this orb right before it explodes to launch yourself up into the air. Interact with the Ark directly in front of you, collect the power-up, and complete the brief tutorial. Now exit the way you came, killing the small batch of enemies that have arrived near the entrance.

Remember, the Vortex pulls enemies towards its center so try tossing it into the running fans for an easy environmental kill. You won’t have to do anything else and the Vortex ability can be used freely throughout your adventure in RAGE 2.

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